State One Act Finals was Friday and Saturday. There were 13 teams competing, with Chelsea hosting. Eight shows on Friday, six (counting the Black Box demo) on Saturday and the awards ceremony. Two very long days, with "strike the school" on tap for the Chelsea team afterwards.

Chelsea did their show as the entertainment between the last show and the awards ceremony (while the judges were tabulating all the scores and ranking the teams and making decisions on individual awards). They were On. They got a standing ovation from a full house. (hah! so much for that III at Regionals!) The tournament director did a bit of a spiel before they started, about how MIFA was contemplating changing their categories to make it easier for new programs to be competitive, and doing Mainstage (traditional theater, with elaborate costumes and props and sets and sound) and Black Box (no scenery, minimal costuming and props and sound) tracks. He went on to say that it was a difference much easier to see than to explain, and here's a fine example of a Black Box show from this year's competition.

[There were, of course, complications, mostly due to CHS not actually running the entire show at any time last week because they were setting up for hosting the festival. The weapons had gone back to whichever of the props rooms (there are at least six in town, between CHS, CAP, & the Purple Rose all having multiple spaces) they'd been borrowed from, and nobody realised it until CHS went to warmup. Fortunately, somebody knew which space they were in and who had access to it, so it was a matter of 20 minutes to get them to the HS. DB's jacket was hanging in the front closet, so he borrowed a leather jacket from somebody (it may have been from the costume room). One of the girls spaced on the warmup time and had to be tracked down.]

I ran the volunteer room and fed 35-40 kids and adults second breakfast-lunch-dinner for two days. We had a kettle, a toaster, and multiple stoves and refrigerators (we were in the Home Ec room). I was very nearly the last person out of the building.

In other news, we did not quite get drifted in -- I did plow a little snow with the van on my way out Saturday morning, and the driveway will probably need to be shoveled before J gets home in my lower car, but the wind changed Saturday evening so it's blowing down the driveway, not across. It is, however, currently -12F in the backyard before the windchill, so I will wait for it to warm up a bit before shoveling.


Feb. 1st, 2015 11:13 pm
jennlk: (snow bird)
Hey, it's snowing outside!
-Um, dude, it's February and Michigan, what do you expect?
Well, we're at 12" and counting.
-Erm, that's a bit much, don't you think?

Actual snow depth is hard to gauge, as it's the really fine stuff that drifts at the slightest breeze, and we've been getting some pretty stiff winds. I cleared a couple of inches off the side porch when I went out to feed the birds at 830am, cleared another couple of inches off when we got home from church, and cleared ~4inches off at 3pm. J and the kids went out to shovel just before dark (there were some 14" drifts!), and 3 hours later the driveway is pretty much drifted full. DB has no school tomorrow, and Farmington has cancelled as well, so I don't have anywhere I need to be tomorrow. SR tells me that there's a Nixie alert -- Snow Condition Yellow (traffic is moving at reduced speeds with major highways being maintained in fair condition, but local roads may become impassable) -- for the county (one of her friends gets them). I would not be surprised if there was no school on Tuesday either, as the local roads won't get plowed until tomorrow afternoon, and I suspect that they may fill right back up again.

Church today was an exercise in flexibility. Pianist out due to oral surgery a week ago plus snow, lead soprano out due to travel and snow, liturgist dealing with a family emergency in K'zoo. So we did an abbreviated service, which meant just as much singing but all at one time, at both ends of my range (the minister is a trained lyric soprano, and so has a range about an octave bigger than mine); then J and I did Let us Break Bread Together for communion. Then we all went home.

In bird news, SR and J saw a bluebird and his girl in the backyard yesterday. I was under the impression that they did not winter over, but this one didn't get the memo. Today SR and I counted 6 male cardinals and at least as many females -- the males really stand out while it's snowing. I am not looking forward to blazing a trail out to the birdfeeders in the morning.
Two weeks ago, I posted about the birdbath being engulfed in a snowdrift. This is what it looks like this morning: melting

There's still melting to go, but there's clear spots in the yard (and not just over the septic tanks). We've not had an appreciable melt since the snow first fell in January, and there's a solid coating of birdseed hulls on the snow -- I don't know if it's slowing or accelerating the melt. I do know that the path to the birdfeeders is treacherous -- the packed snow is slippery, and the unpacked snow just off the path is crusty and granular.

Of course, they're telling us we're going to get snow tonight. Lots of it. And tomorrow is supposed to be the first day of already-rescheduled-once finals at the high school. That should be amusing.
And there is no school tomorrow, and I skipped FCB rehearsal (apparently, there was some consideration of cancelling FCB rehearsal altogether, according to the email I got from the secretary when I emailed to say that I wasn't going to be there). I went out about 3pm and shoveled the worst of the foot deep snowdrift out of the driveway so J could get in. And then the wind shifted a bit, and the end of the driveway that I hadn't shoveled got drifted 8" deep. oh well, I tried.


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