May. 24th, 2017 05:32 pm
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So the roof is coming down and going up. The old shingles are being removed and hauled off to the skip (by me, mostly); and there are new shingles going up. All while dodging rain, as one does in late May.

Also yesterday, I dashed off to town to say goodbye and good luck to the Theatre Guild advisor/director, who is moving to Hawai'i with her partner. I missed saying farewell to the middle school band director because it was at the same time. I'll have to track him down some other time. OTOH, I got to put my farewell note in the newsletter. :) It was somewhat distressing how difficult it was to get someone in the Music Boosters to write a farewell note -- he's been in the district for over 15 years, and every band kid has played for him; but getting anything other than a generic 'goodbye and good luck' out of anyone was a struggle (then again, that's why there was space for my comments). DB missed the Theatre Guild banquet because he was working the middle school concert; I had him convey my best wishes. :/

I planted the pansy I got on Mother's Day yesterday. It took me 20 minutes to clear out the ground cover in the bed where I wanted it to go. While doing that, I found that the sedum that I'd planted there was not gone, just overwhelmed.

The multifloral columbine in the front flowerbed has so far avoided being squished by shingles, and is looking quite nice -- lots of small dark red with creamy white center flowers. The coral bells haven't been quite so lucky, but they're just a little flattened. The bleeding hearts in the other front bed are quite battered, but they often look like that at this time of the year -- a hard rainstorm will often flatten them. I'm not too worried about them.


Oct. 24th, 2016 09:52 am
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Yanno, it's one thing to contemplate a 12 hour drive, and another to do it twice in three days. Mum & I went to Boone on Wednesday -- she's not made that drive in a few years, and we used a different route than she used to, so it was a longer (but easier!) drive than she expected (421 is at least 4 lanes, and sometimes 5, all the way from I-77 to Boone). We got there 12 1/2 hours after she left her apartment. I still remember where the road up the mountain is, although it's a bit harder to spot, tucked between two motel parking lots on 105. I spent a day futsing around - read a bit, knitted a bit, chatted with the ladies -- before leaving Friday morning. I got home 12 hours after I left, 680 miles in a car that's not mine. It rained all the way up I-77, and didn't stop until I turned east at Cleveland. It's the only time I've been through Charleston and the capitol dome wasn't glowing in the light. :)

Still haven't actually started sewing the jacket for next Sunday's costume. OTOH, I know which jacket and which fabric, what I need to do to revise the skirt, and both J and DB will be gone Fri & Sat (J is off with the HS Robotics team, and DB will be off visiting friends whom he won't see at WindyCon). I should get it done early in the week, though, because the weather forecast indicates that Fri/Sat would be the best days for working in the garden this week.

In timefail news, DB had been vaguely planning to attend WindyCon - he had set up a swap for his Sunday A/V job, and had been offered a volunteer gig in the teen room -- and then the director of the fall musical (show dates Nov 11-13) emailed him and said "help! we have nobody backstage full time for the show". So he said yes to her and sent regrets to D.
This morning, Ji was annoyed with me because I wouldn't let him out. Sorry, cat, do *not* want to deal with this guy:

Yesterday I looked out and there were a pair of sandhill cranes wandering through the backyard and a deer out in the field. Earlier in the day, there was a single crane poking through the hulls under the birdfeeders:

There's at least one deer wandering through the yard (saw it in the field yesterday), and the kids tell me there's a family of turkeys in the vicinity -- they saw mama and a few chicks crossing the street yesterday.

In other news, we did a quick dessert table for a funeral. In Milan [n.b.: Milan (pronounced "mile-an") is a town about 30 miles away]. The family had the funeral meal catered, but the caterer doesn't do desserts, so a family member asked B if she thought it was something the church could do. She asked me, I said "I don't see why not", and voila!, I was in Milan with two crates of baked goods. B picked up more baked goods that people had left at the church and brought plates and napkins.

After perusing various schedules, and observing the way the calendars are colliding, I think that I will not be at the annual picnic. I'd like to be there, but I'm scheduled to work the election on Tuesday, beginning at 6am. J's not planning on leaving the site until Monday, and it's a 10 hour drive home. With Musecon the next weekend and band camp right after that, I'd essentially be gone for over two weeks, with just enough time home to do laundry and repack.
Thanksgiving Day was quiet here, and Friday we went to my mother's for dinner. A good time was had by all, and then it was time to drive home. On the fresh dusting of snow over freezing rain. It was slippy!, and it took us an extra 30 minutes to get home. But we did get home safely.

DB has been spending a lot of time in the auditorium. Once Footloose! was done, the crew started moving in the Nutcracker sets, and setting up for that. He went in Thanksgiving weekend, was there until 9 MTW for dress rehearsals, and will be there Saturday all day and Sunday afternoon. Somewhere in there were auditions for OneAct and the beginning of second term classes. He has a concert Monday evening, and will be working the Middle School holiday concert on Tuesday.

I will be spending time in auditoriums as well -- stage rehearsal tonight, concert on Sunday; then a concert in a different HS auditorium on Thursday. (and I will probably be at the Middle School concert on Tuesday night, as there is a parent meeting for OneAct at the same time, and it's silly to drive home only to turn around and go back to pick him up.) There is a stage rehearsal/mass band run-through on Monday that I will miss (DB's holiday concert), so I will be sight reading the mass band piece. OTOH, as I understand it there's only one, and it's a simplified Sleigh Ride. The trickiest part, I think, will be ensuring that I have a seat in the layout. DB will miss my Sunday concert, as they're a bit under-crewed for Sunday's performances, and he can run a couple of the larger sets by himself.

I had hopes of getting into the workroom to do useful things today, but Anna-kitteh thwarted me. I couldn't have done a lot anyway, as I do have rehearsal tonight and I really don't want to go in to rehearsal with a sore hand. I did get some fabrics pulled out, and may be able to get something cut out tomorrow while Anna is sleeping. (crosses fingers).

The minister has decided to do another lesson and carol service on Christmas Eve, and wants to reassemble the Praise Band. DB has opted out of the band (says he'll join J as a low voice), which is probably good for the balance, as the band can get a bit bass heavy with the both of us playing (and the choir is light on low voices, so probably good all around). I may be playing flute on Silent Night, which will be an entertaining swap. :)
It was probably inevitable, but in my second year of double Band Mom, I have a direct conflict -- both kids have games on the same day. Unfortunately, it's a Central game that I really don't want to miss (Navy), and it's unlikely that the game will be moved, as it's ESPN2's Friday game. But I really should be at the CHS game. I think SR will probably have to do a big game without me there. bummer.
It was probably inevitable, but in my second year of double Band Mom, I have a direct conflict -- both kids have games on the same day. Unfortunately, it's a Central game that I really don't want to miss (Navy), and it's unlikely that the game will be moved, as it's ESPN2's Friday game. But I really should be at the CHS game. I think SR will probably have to do a big game without me there. bummer.


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