the rose and the peonies are blooming. The pale pink peonies aren't blooming yet, but they're usually a bit behind the other ones.

The irises are quite pretty this year -- the white ones have come and gone, but now there's peachy-salmon and velvety purple. There are three separate stands of california poppy in the E garden, all different shades of orange. By the end of the summer there will be more stands of poppies in more different colors -- we often have everything from a deep orange to ivory by August. The oriental lilies in the garden are budding nicely, and there's a couple of larkspur plants blooming.

The giant alliums in the garden by the door have bloomed and died so now there's seed-balls-on-sticks out there; and some much smaller ones just budding.

The PT says that the knots in the muscles around my shoulder are getting better and that it's in better alignment, but in order to do that she's been really pushing and pulling on it, so right now it feels worse than it did before I moved chairs. :( It will get better, I know, and doing this now should make it more stable, but I hate this stage.

J put a new lamp by the side door. I like the style of it, and the way it casts light (down), but it's too bright, which can't be changed as it's an LED lamp. I don't need or want daylight levels of lighting in the driveway at night -- I want enough light that I can see the steps, anything more than that is too much of a muchness. There are two more lamps in the garage which will go up on the garage when he finishes the third bay.
Easter service went pretty well. DB was indeed working, and was thus unable to sing with us. SR "couldn't find the keys" to J's car, and so did not come to church. (Mind, the keys have been in the same place for the last 20 years.)

At FCB rehearsal on Monday, I was short a couple of pieces of music -- one of the board members had borrowed them to make copies for another band that needed them, and then they forgot to bring the originals back! Fortunately, we only rehearsed one of them, and I was able to borrow a tuba part for that one.

The daffodils in the NW bed began blooming on Wednesday, so of course it snowed. We got about 3inches yesterday/last night, and while the precipitation from the next clipper is going to miss us, we're still going to get the cold weather, so I don't know how well they're going to do. I have a daffodil (from our church) and DB brought home an Easter lily that I will need to find places for in the garden, but not until after this round of cold weather is done. I don't plan on keeping them in pots in the garage until June, but I also don't want to plant them when they're still predicting 20F(-7C) lows. The mixed small bulbs in the side garden are blooming despite the snow and cold. The peonies are just poking through, while the bleeding hearts are springing up. I really need to move a couple of the volunteers, as they're getting big enough to shift the stones defining the bed.

Some critter, I suspect raccoon or cranky woodchuck, ripped one of the flip-down perches off the suet feeder. That's a minor problem. The bigger problem is that it also broke the closing/hanging chain, so I need to fix that before I can put it back out.

J brought me a double barrelled compost tumbler. I will like that much better than the pile that needs to be turned.


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