This morning, Ji was annoyed with me because I wouldn't let him out. Sorry, cat, do *not* want to deal with this guy:

Yesterday I looked out and there were a pair of sandhill cranes wandering through the backyard and a deer out in the field. Earlier in the day, there was a single crane poking through the hulls under the birdfeeders:

There's at least one deer wandering through the yard (saw it in the field yesterday), and the kids tell me there's a family of turkeys in the vicinity -- they saw mama and a few chicks crossing the street yesterday.

In other news, we did a quick dessert table for a funeral. In Milan [n.b.: Milan (pronounced "mile-an") is a town about 30 miles away]. The family had the funeral meal catered, but the caterer doesn't do desserts, so a family member asked B if she thought it was something the church could do. She asked me, I said "I don't see why not", and voila!, I was in Milan with two crates of baked goods. B picked up more baked goods that people had left at the church and brought plates and napkins.

After perusing various schedules, and observing the way the calendars are colliding, I think that I will not be at the annual picnic. I'd like to be there, but I'm scheduled to work the election on Tuesday, beginning at 6am. J's not planning on leaving the site until Monday, and it's a 10 hour drive home. With Musecon the next weekend and band camp right after that, I'd essentially be gone for over two weeks, with just enough time home to do laundry and repack.

catching up.

May. 21st, 2016 09:13 am
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The funeral meal was last Saturday. It was not quite the wreck I thought it would be -- I got the crew to set the hall for 102 people, and we fed about 85, which gives nice spacing. (They had originally only set 80, so it was good thing I had them set more tables.) There were more people than that at the service, but there were some who never planned on staying, and some who left when it took over an hour for everyone to get over to the hall -- much chatting with the widow. There were enough leftovers to send some home with the family and still have a light lunch after church the next day. This weekend is the farewell potluck for the minister -- she's not leaving for a month, but there's no open Sunday between now and then. I still haven't decided what I'll bring. Nor do I know which instrument I'll be playing in the praise band -- it depends on how many trumpet players show up.

DB's Miraphone (tuba) is back in its second home -- the corner of the living room. :) It will go back to school on Monday, although probably not before the band director notices that it's gone -- he wasn't in school on Friday, but the associate director was, and he said it would be fine if we borrowed a good tuba.

I set out a hummingbird feeder on Tuesday. I still haven't seen any hummers, but the ladies on the lake say they have, so there are some in the area. Wednesday morning I looked out and there was a Baltimore Oriole on the hummingbird feeder. So I dug that feeder out and set it out. Thursday afternoon the Oriole was on the oriole feeder.

My left shoulder had been hurting since the concert (apparently, I really shouldn't unrack chairs); so I finally went to the ortho last Friday. She gave me a script for therapy and one for the NSAID-that-actually-works. After five days on the NSAID, the shoulder felt pretty good, but I still kept the PT appointment. The PT said that it was a good choice, as the joint is still not right, so we'll be working on the tendonitis which allowed the joint to shift a little out of position. So now I have exercises and icing to do. whee.
Tuesday was a special election -- schools -- so I trundled off to the township hall at 5:45 am. After we got set up but before we had any voters (DN is a very efficient deputy clerk, so all we had to do was turn things on and make sure they worked correctly), the clerk handed out schedules for the next two elections (August and November). I noted that I was on the floor for November (rather than on the Absentee Voter board), and the clerk said that I had been requested for the floor because I knew how to print/send reports. Um.err.OK? And then we get to close of day, and I've been shifted to receiving board and can't actually *do* anything (state requirement), and after I walked DN through printing from the electronic poll book I discovered that nobody else knows how to close the program and unmount a flash drive (!?!). So I had to hang over MJ's shoulder and tell her 'click that triangle, now that green icon, now uninstall the stow&go, now you can take it out and slide it closed'. (It's slightly disconcerting when I'm the computer 'expert' in the room.)

Wednesday AM I went to sort books at the K-2 library, and when I got back there was a call from the clerk 'can you chair the AV board in November? There's been some concern about the people I had scheduled for it, and with you in charge they won't slack off.' (nothing that would affect the integrity of the election, or they wouldn't be asked to work!) As AV Chair, I will be on the floor when they're closing, so I still get to deal with printing/sending. whee?

Sunday was the FCB spring concert. There were a *lot* of notes in it. I heard from people in the audience that it was very good. The local public access station recorded it (actual concert begins around 3 min). Monday we started working on things for the Orchestra Hall Concert (June 26, tickets at There's going to be a lot of notes in that, too.

In garden news, the red species tulips are blooming, as are the little tete-a-tete daffodils in the same bed, which only emphasise how desperately I need to weed that. But it's either been too dry or too wet, or I've been gone; so there's a lot to be done. The oaks and the tupelo have finally budded, and the leaves on the crab apple popped on Tuesday while I was gone. The big white daffs in the NE flowerbed have bloomed. I can finally plant out the lily and daff that came home at Easter. Today will be busy....

And looming in the not-too-distant future, a funeral meal. I haven't heard anything official, but the lady in charge of usables called me today to find out what my plans were WRT to silverware/plates/napkins/cups. And we chatted about how many funerals we'd be doing this year. It may be a lot -- we ran down a list of about 6 church members who are visibly declining (in a congregation of about 120); and there are community members as well. The new pastor may have a rude welcome -- 'hi, welcome to your new church. have a funeral'.

There's a special farewell potluck and performance for the outgoing minister (who has accepted a posting to a Korean congregation in Troy) coming up as well, so there's rehearsals and the like for that.


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