Nov. 17th, 2016 08:07 pm
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So that happened. But life goes on. (I suspect it helped that I was locked away until 11pm, and then I came home and went to bed without turning radio/TV/internet on.)

Last weekend, J and I ran off to Chicago for WindyCon; where I saw people I don't see often enough (which is unlikely to change, unless we move, and then it will be a different set of people we don't see often enough).

In band news, I have had to transcribe yet another BariSax part, this time from the score. mutter.

We still have not had a night cold enough that there's been ice on the pond -- there've been a couple of days when I've had to break ice out of the birdbath, but not enough to even warrant getting out the heated birdbath. I spent an hour pulling grass and cutting back the Russian Sage in the northwest flowerbed in preparation for the snow we may or may not get. (If I leave it up, we get a lovely drift across the end of the driveway; if I cut it back, the drift is less than halfway across the driveway.) They tell us we may have snow this weekend. We shall see. The larkspur plants that are blooming will be dismayed by snow, but everything else seems to be settling in for chilly weather.

Thanksgiving is next week. I have no idea what we're going to have for dinner. DB says ham, so I guess that's what we'll do. It will be SR's birthday on Thursday, and I haven't gotten her care package in the mail yet, so it will not be there in time. BadMom moment. I have gotten her presents, though (most will not be sent to her because she'd have to bring them back). so there's that.

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Jan. 22nd, 2013 08:40 am
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Weather service says 0F in AA, the weatherunderground station in town says -11F, we've warmed up to a balmy -9F. The pond is mostly skinned over with ice, but there is water running down the rill.  Most of the rocks that don't actually have water running over them are snow-covered. There's ice on the slower running side of the rill, and the water is flowing under it.  There are a few birds poking at the running water.  Also?  Fluffed out blue jays are really quite big.

There is also a disturbing amount of cold air coming in around the french doors, mostly underneath.  Ick.  Not looking forward to replacing *that* weatherstripping -- I think I'll just use a doorsweep for the winter, and actually replace the weatherstripping later in the year when it's warm enough to take the door off.  (I should also put something along the center, but I'm thinking I'll just use a sweep there as well. Non-traditional application, but it should work.)

I went to Confusion last weekend.  It's a nice little con.  I actually went to programming!  (I also got minioned by fluffCthulhu, which is good.)  A new hotel which wasn't bad other than traffic flow at the elevators and really thin walls.  New guy running reg did it 'his way'.  *that* could have been much better.  I discovered that Better Made makes Salt and Black Pepper potato chips.  I am *not* going to look for them at my local store -- I'd probably eat the entire bag in a day. om nom nom.


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