That was fun!

Jun. 28th, 2016 10:54 am
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And a lot of work, but still. Doing a gig in a historic space like that (Detroit's Orchestra Hall) is fun, and the acoustics in the hall are wonderful. I think that's the first time I've been in a band that's stopped and listened to the hall after the tuning note!

I had forgotten how close the boxes are to the stage (in my defense, the last time I was there was in 1979 or 80, and the "hanging" boxes weren't open), so I was able to see the family in the seats. I was a bit disconcerted when I realised that I could identify DB from his back, while he was standing still -- and he wasn't with J & Mum at the time. :) Mum and SR said that the sound is even better from the balcony (which is where they usually sit), but the box was fun.

It took until about noon yesterday to clear the stiff-and-creaky from moving gear across the building twice and then unloading it at Harrison. Then there was rehearsal at 7:30 -- we have three gigs between now and the next rehearsal! (Farmington's Heritage Park on July 7 is the only "public" one -- we do a gig at FoxRun (senior living) for which they sell tickets, and there's a nursing home gig on the 11th.)

My shoulder is still annoying. The PT's been working out knots and relieving the the muscle stress that she finds, working away from the shoulder, and it gets better, but then I move just wrong and it flares up again. The PT says that I may just have to live with it. :(
the rose and the peonies are blooming. The pale pink peonies aren't blooming yet, but they're usually a bit behind the other ones.

The irises are quite pretty this year -- the white ones have come and gone, but now there's peachy-salmon and velvety purple. There are three separate stands of california poppy in the E garden, all different shades of orange. By the end of the summer there will be more stands of poppies in more different colors -- we often have everything from a deep orange to ivory by August. The oriental lilies in the garden are budding nicely, and there's a couple of larkspur plants blooming.

The giant alliums in the garden by the door have bloomed and died so now there's seed-balls-on-sticks out there; and some much smaller ones just budding.

The PT says that the knots in the muscles around my shoulder are getting better and that it's in better alignment, but in order to do that she's been really pushing and pulling on it, so right now it feels worse than it did before I moved chairs. :( It will get better, I know, and doing this now should make it more stable, but I hate this stage.

J put a new lamp by the side door. I like the style of it, and the way it casts light (down), but it's too bright, which can't be changed as it's an LED lamp. I don't need or want daylight levels of lighting in the driveway at night -- I want enough light that I can see the steps, anything more than that is too much of a muchness. There are two more lamps in the garage which will go up on the garage when he finishes the third bay.


May. 28th, 2016 09:46 pm
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well actually, it's toads. Two, at least, croaking away by the pond. But there are froggies in the pond. 10 at least, unless the cat or the crows got one

Also in the garden: the pink rosebush by the deck has a few flowers already open, but has lots of buds; purple & white and white irises blooming, bright pink shasta daisies just about ready to pop; purple velvet and salmon irises budding; wegelia blooming; salvia in the front bed; columbines under the front windows; baby strawberries on the vines. The lilacs are just about done, as are the crabapple and the bleeding hearts. Most of the hybrid tulips never bloomed this year -- the buds froze. The forsythia did very little this spring except grow. It should bloom next year.

The PT has started me on shoulder strengthening exercises. I hates them, I does. well, not really, but.... they're annoying and timeconsuming and all of the realignment and release of tension in the muscles is tiring. Any day that I have PT I can't work in the garden, and sometimes not the next day, so now the weeds are really winning. the feeder, even. We've not seen him since, but that probably just means that we weren't looking at the right time.

I have finished weeding the prairie bed. On to the garden east of the house!

I wound up playing bari in the praise band. I started off on tenor sax (playing the trumpet part) but halfway through rehearsal one of the trumpet players showed up and wanted to play. So I swapped horns and played the bass line with DB. DB was helping J with setting up the sound and I was helping with re-seating people so there was somewhere for the performers to stand when we realised that the band was up next -- and our instruments and music were in the other building! a quick scramble to get those, and we were ready to go. J took his electric piano over, so we had all but two of the instruments in the house over at the church (SR's alto sax and DB's trombone stayed home), and we even borrowed one (the tuba).

The PT is unimpressed with the level of stability in my left shoulder, and has informed me that once we get the inflammation down I will get lots of strength work. Lovely. Right now, it's taped to relieve some of the stress on the biceps tendon. She says that the shoulder has never quite recovered from the damage I did to it three years ago, so we're working on that as well.

catching up.

May. 21st, 2016 09:13 am
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The funeral meal was last Saturday. It was not quite the wreck I thought it would be -- I got the crew to set the hall for 102 people, and we fed about 85, which gives nice spacing. (They had originally only set 80, so it was good thing I had them set more tables.) There were more people than that at the service, but there were some who never planned on staying, and some who left when it took over an hour for everyone to get over to the hall -- much chatting with the widow. There were enough leftovers to send some home with the family and still have a light lunch after church the next day. This weekend is the farewell potluck for the minister -- she's not leaving for a month, but there's no open Sunday between now and then. I still haven't decided what I'll bring. Nor do I know which instrument I'll be playing in the praise band -- it depends on how many trumpet players show up.

DB's Miraphone (tuba) is back in its second home -- the corner of the living room. :) It will go back to school on Monday, although probably not before the band director notices that it's gone -- he wasn't in school on Friday, but the associate director was, and he said it would be fine if we borrowed a good tuba.

I set out a hummingbird feeder on Tuesday. I still haven't seen any hummers, but the ladies on the lake say they have, so there are some in the area. Wednesday morning I looked out and there was a Baltimore Oriole on the hummingbird feeder. So I dug that feeder out and set it out. Thursday afternoon the Oriole was on the oriole feeder.

My left shoulder had been hurting since the concert (apparently, I really shouldn't unrack chairs); so I finally went to the ortho last Friday. She gave me a script for therapy and one for the NSAID-that-actually-works. After five days on the NSAID, the shoulder felt pretty good, but I still kept the PT appointment. The PT said that it was a good choice, as the joint is still not right, so we'll be working on the tendonitis which allowed the joint to shift a little out of position. So now I have exercises and icing to do. whee.


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