Thanksgiving Day was quiet here, and Friday we went to my mother's for dinner. A good time was had by all, and then it was time to drive home. On the fresh dusting of snow over freezing rain. It was slippy!, and it took us an extra 30 minutes to get home. But we did get home safely.

DB has been spending a lot of time in the auditorium. Once Footloose! was done, the crew started moving in the Nutcracker sets, and setting up for that. He went in Thanksgiving weekend, was there until 9 MTW for dress rehearsals, and will be there Saturday all day and Sunday afternoon. Somewhere in there were auditions for OneAct and the beginning of second term classes. He has a concert Monday evening, and will be working the Middle School holiday concert on Tuesday.

I will be spending time in auditoriums as well -- stage rehearsal tonight, concert on Sunday; then a concert in a different HS auditorium on Thursday. (and I will probably be at the Middle School concert on Tuesday night, as there is a parent meeting for OneAct at the same time, and it's silly to drive home only to turn around and go back to pick him up.) There is a stage rehearsal/mass band run-through on Monday that I will miss (DB's holiday concert), so I will be sight reading the mass band piece. OTOH, as I understand it there's only one, and it's a simplified Sleigh Ride. The trickiest part, I think, will be ensuring that I have a seat in the layout. DB will miss my Sunday concert, as they're a bit under-crewed for Sunday's performances, and he can run a couple of the larger sets by himself.

I had hopes of getting into the workroom to do useful things today, but Anna-kitteh thwarted me. I couldn't have done a lot anyway, as I do have rehearsal tonight and I really don't want to go in to rehearsal with a sore hand. I did get some fabrics pulled out, and may be able to get something cut out tomorrow while Anna is sleeping. (crosses fingers).

The minister has decided to do another lesson and carol service on Christmas Eve, and wants to reassemble the Praise Band. DB has opted out of the band (says he'll join J as a low voice), which is probably good for the balance, as the band can get a bit bass heavy with the both of us playing (and the choir is light on low voices, so probably good all around). I may be playing flute on Silent Night, which will be an entertaining swap. :)


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