No "a year of making" posts this year. I made the point I wanted to make to myself (and got into a habit, so I have some confidence that it will continue).

The Xmas Eve service was decent, actually. The minister (a former music teacher) selected and arranged all the performance carols to fit the personnel and skill-sets that were available. The choir was about as good as could be expected (which is to say, not horrible -- there are a few people that we'd probably be better off without, but that's not something you can do in a teeny choir in a small church). We had a HS bassoonist show up at the last rehearsal. He's played with us before, and he and I work pretty well together. TM arranged a accompaniment duet for clarinet and barisax that was a lot of fun to play, even though I did have to be careful to not outplay the clarinet

I got the holiday cards out on Orthodox Christmas, a bit later than I wanted to, but it took me a while to collect enough gumption to clear a space on the kitchen table.

One day last week, I finally got the pictures back up on the walls. I couldn't put the dining room ones back until the cabinet doors went on, so that was first. Then I fumbled the door handles, so I need to get some wood filler and try again. The hall pictures were stacked in the living room, waiting to be put into the new frames also stacked in the living room. There were eight pictures on the wall, six in matching frames and two in entirely different frames, and it looked really disjointed. There's space on the kitchen wall for the hooks I got at MuseCon.

Sunday, we woke to no power -- the rain that had been falling at bedtime Saturday had transitioned to snow (through freezing rain and sleet), and there was wind. There was no power at church, either, so that was cancelled. DB did work a church service in town though -- Chelsea has their own power grid -- and he said it took him 35 minutes to get there, normally a 12-15 minute drive. We got power back before noon, so I went downstairs to sort in the workroom. About 3pm, the power went out again. I was finishing up anyway (and that end of the basement has two windows in it!), so I was able to put away the last few things before I came upstairs. About 4:30, J went out and fired up the generator again because DTE had no estimate for restoration. We finally got power back about 10pm.

We got the tree undecorated and down on Sunday during the power outage, and I found the basket of things that went on the little shelf in the dining room. The Honeck dragons are off visiting Butch and getting refinished -- running water in the fountain caused a lot of discoloration and some corrosion, so they went off to the "spa".
I am done done DONE with music for the year ! (mod singing on Sunday.) I am so pleased. It's not that I mind doing it, but every performance/rehearsal takes energy and time away from something else. I haven't started the holiday letter yet, much less the cards. The holiday kidpix should be available tomorrow, but I dunno if I want to brave the mall on a Saturday two days after Christmas.... The kids have started a new game that requires the desktop to play, so my computer time has been severely curtailed, but that's mostly because I haven't booted them off. (They've had the game for a while, but DB's not had time to play, between theater and band.)

Mum came out on Christmas Day for brunch (she brought a cranberry-walnut ring from Trader Joe's, I made quiche, the Meijer deli made a fruit salad). And yes, I actually went to the grocery store on Christmas Eve. At 8am, when it was no busier than it usually is on a Saturday morning.  We had planned on a ham dinner for Christmas Day, but decided it to have it today instead, as we were all full from brunch. Then SR suggested glazed carrots, and I noticed that we were out of potatoes. So I went to the grocer this morning, as well -- potatoes, milk, carrots.  OTOH, I won't have to go again until Monday.

Christmas Eve services went pretty well. DB sang well, and I only made a few ooopsies, most of which only I (or the kids) noticed. The service this year was pretty short, so we were home before 9pm.

Other than that, it's been a fairly quiet week. I LIKE those -- it's nice to have nothing on the schedule once in a while.
The tree is up, and finally decorated. It's been up since Thanksgiving weekend, but we've been so busy that we didn't get any ornaments on it until last Sunday it's a family thing). We had to replace the top strand of lights, so I got some warm white LED strands from Meijer. They look very much like the lights the tree came with -- you can really only tell if you stand right next to the tree and look closely.

Holiday performances are over, other than church stuff. DB is working with the kids on the Pageant and providing some narration; J will be working sound for it. My only obligation that day is to be at both services and sing with the choir in the 'everybody' sing portion. Christmas Eve is barisax in the praise band, flute on Silent Night, soprano in the choir and (maybe) song leader on the hymns the praise band isn't playing. DB will be singing a duet with RS, and joining the choir for our piece.

We had kidpix taken last weekend. DB was being very silly, and it was hard to find even a couple of pictures where they both had decent expressions on their faces. Sigh. Those pics won't be back until the weekend after Christmas, so I have a bit of time before I need to start the Christmas letter. :)

The squirrels figured out how to get into the seed bell, so I've had to rearrange feeders a bit, but the woodpeckers don't seem to mind much. I've seen all four of them at the new bell today, as well as nuthatches and tufted titmice.

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Dec. 7th, 2011 10:14 am
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Week one of the "high intensity performers" schedule done. Sunday's choir rehearsal was complicated by the fact that I'd signed up to provide after-church treats (and, more importantly, make the coffee and tea!), not knowing that the choir was going to be having early rehearsal. (It was further complicated by a baking misfire and salvaged by T&R's holiday party -- they had some extra food from their Saturday party, and asked if it would be OK if they brought it over for fellowship. Sure! The more the merrier! So rather than the snack I had planned, we had a light lunch, and R helped serve.)

Monday's band rehearsal was surprisingly intense. I didn't quite realise how intense it was until I got to bells last night and was making stupid mental mistakes. (somehow, grocery shopping and errands doesn't tax my brain as much as making music. who knew?) Another band rehearsal on Friday, then two (2!) performances on Sunday -- bells and band. The choir isn't scheduled to sing other than rehearsal, but the organist's asthma has been acting up so DBr and I may have to throw together a quick offertory duet. I also need to look at some of the tricksy bits in the band music.

The tree should go up this weekend -- it didn't get done while SR was home at T'giving, but she'll be home tomorrow afternoon. Next week, I should probably start writing the holiday letter. :) KidPix will be taken this weekend, and will be back the weekend after that, so I may actually be able to get the cards out before Xmas. Hrm. I should do the holiday baking too. Maybe I'll start that tomorrow....


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