Oct. 24th, 2016 09:52 am
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Yanno, it's one thing to contemplate a 12 hour drive, and another to do it twice in three days. Mum & I went to Boone on Wednesday -- she's not made that drive in a few years, and we used a different route than she used to, so it was a longer (but easier!) drive than she expected (421 is at least 4 lanes, and sometimes 5, all the way from I-77 to Boone). We got there 12 1/2 hours after she left her apartment. I still remember where the road up the mountain is, although it's a bit harder to spot, tucked between two motel parking lots on 105. I spent a day futsing around - read a bit, knitted a bit, chatted with the ladies -- before leaving Friday morning. I got home 12 hours after I left, 680 miles in a car that's not mine. It rained all the way up I-77, and didn't stop until I turned east at Cleveland. It's the only time I've been through Charleston and the capitol dome wasn't glowing in the light. :)

Still haven't actually started sewing the jacket for next Sunday's costume. OTOH, I know which jacket and which fabric, what I need to do to revise the skirt, and both J and DB will be gone Fri & Sat (J is off with the HS Robotics team, and DB will be off visiting friends whom he won't see at WindyCon). I should get it done early in the week, though, because the weather forecast indicates that Fri/Sat would be the best days for working in the garden this week.

In timefail news, DB had been vaguely planning to attend WindyCon - he had set up a swap for his Sunday A/V job, and had been offered a volunteer gig in the teen room -- and then the director of the fall musical (show dates Nov 11-13) emailed him and said "help! we have nobody backstage full time for the show". So he said yes to her and sent regrets to D.
Roper posted about his game of furniture tetris, which reminded me of our next match. (to be accomplished RSN, but I need to finish an Edwardian skirt & jacket costume* first, and get either J or DB to help).

  1. shift the storage boxes away from the basement wall about 8 inches

  2. move the cheap mattress and bunkboard from the bed in the upstairs nook into the newly cleared spot; shift the boxes back up against them

  3. disassemble the bed and put it in the garage attic

  4. move the futon from the den up into the nook

  5. move the recliner from the basement into the den

  6. move the printer & its stand from the master bedroom into the den

Eventually, the plan is to be able to open the closet door in the den all the way, and make both the bedroom and the den feel less crowded. With SR gone, we can use her room as a guest bedroom, and the futon in the nook will be the extra guest bed it is now, but in a less central area of the house. (the basement is clean and dry and fully habitable (if a bit chilly), and is thus a safe place to store a mattress)

* Last Thursday, I got a call from the lead cat-herder for the historical cemetery walk -- one of the ladies had backed out, could I fill in? Sure. And then I realised that my Victorian peridot taffeta skirt would be a bit too fancy for a 1901 midwestern farmer's wife on market day. I have a skirt & jacket pattern, and the fabric (and a couple of white blouses in my closet that will work). I just need to put them together. But yesterday was picture day for the church directory, and J was doing pictures and I was doing data entry, which pretty much killed the day. Today I'm working on layout for a newsletter, and there's FCB rehearsal tonight.

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Aug. 17th, 2015 09:43 am
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Saturday, SR and I painted. Dunno if I like the color or not. It's better than what was there (the previous paint color was very very pale, and wasn't well done anyway), but the jury is out as to whether we actually like it. We'll wait till the new floor gets down and we get things back up on the wall as that will change the view.

I'm planning a victorian-ish outfit (ostensibly for a wedding in September, but it will also be useful for other things). The sticking point is that I only have a 72"x 66" piece of the fabric I want to use for the skirt (I bought all they had!), and getting a full or full length skirt out of that will be tricky. I may just go with a shorter skirt, and steampunk it up a bit.

I'm gaining on the basement re-sort -- cleared another two shelves and a crate last week. Progress will probably slow, as I really should get to actual work (not just planning) on that outfit. I also have plans for a early-1960's dressy dress as an FCB costume, to celebrate their 50th anniversary.


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