a grackle, I think, although maybe it was a cowbird. Ji and I were in the den and we heard a smallish "thump thump" on the roof and then the deck. He perked up from his nap, and I turned around to see what had happened. There was a raptor, not more than 5 feet from the house, standing on the black bird he'd just nabbed. He stood and looked at us for a few minutes, and then flew off for the trees on the other side of the garage.

In other news, the crocuses in the side garden (mostly purple to white, with lots of stages in between) are serving as wonderful hosts for bees. SR and I stood on the side porch listening to the hum of bees for a while this morning.

Yesterday's frog count was 6. I didn't go out and count today, but SR and I saw one sunning itself on a rock in the early afternoon. I really should extract more algae from the pond, but it's currently acting as frog habitat, so I guess it can stay for a bit longer.

Sunday's FCB concert was a little more free-form than had been planned. We had a stage rehearsal scheduled for Friday evening, but the power line leading into the high school where we perform failed early Wednesday morning. It took a while to find the exact failure point and determine the best plan of attack (I was told that the baseball field has a "lovely" trench all the way across), and as of Friday the school wasn't sure if there'd be school on Monday, much less a concert on Sunday, and there most certainly wasn't going to be rehearsal Friday night. But repairs were finished Saturday afternoon so we got a quick stage rehearsal Sunday before the concert. I brought "my" stagehands along, and DB and J helped with the transition from small ensembles to full band, and they all helped with teardown.
Designer called counter fabricator, who said "huh. musta' lost that order, 'cause we usually get estimates out in 2-3 days". Whatever. Anyway, quote came in on Saturday, and I stopped by (I was in town for groceries anyway) and ordered the cabinet. Delivery in 4-ish weeks.

We were supposed to at least have scheduled the new floor by now, but that's not happened. If I don't hear from her by the middle of the week, I'll call and see if she knows where my floor is (somewhere between northern Ontario and here, I'm sure, but I'd like a little more precision).

In other project news, I have the bits (blouse, jacket, skirt, overskirt) cut out, and now all I have to do is sew them together.

The counting of the froggies is 12, and I saw some toadlings up by the house -- they're about 3/4" long. I have eaten some tomatoes out of the garden. The milkweed is setting seeds now -- it looks like we're going to have a good crop of milkweed fluff this year.

The wasps have moved in on the hummingbird feeders, so I've had to take them down -- I'll put them back up again in mid-September. I need to plant more late summer flowers for the hummers.
Froggie count is four -- three visible and one streamlined frog shape underwater. Today when I went out to feed the birds, I heard a "blorp" and there was a frog shaped wet spot on one of the rocks.

In bird news, not much new -- a few bright goldfinches and some housefinches in full color, a pair or two of titmouses (titmice?), a few finches and sparrows teaching their offspring how to fly and where the bird feeders are, and even some red-winged blackbirds doing the same. The murder of crows shoes up every afternoon and takes advantage of the birdbath and the seeds spilled under the birdfeeders, chatting all the while. The young cardinals are getting their final feathers in, and are looking quite disheveled.

Last night SR and I went off to the Tigers game. Weather was gorgeous for a game, and we had quite decent seats -- high up, but right behind home plate. I still think the lower level seats we had a few years ago were the best we've had, for all that they were well along the foul line. Too bad the game wasn't as good -- sloppy on both sides, and the Tigers lost. We signed up late for the trip, and rather than getting a ballpark buffet in a dedicated picnic area, we got tickets for food elsewhere in the park. I think I like that better! We discovered that the Brushfire Grill by the ferris wheel has really good "nachos" in a big enough serving that SR and I were able to share one and not feel deprived.

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Aug. 19th, 2013 06:50 pm
jennlk: (Mink Frog)
The froggie count is now eight. I think there are more, but I have only actually seen eight at one time. There are three different species (mink, leopard, pickerel) in the pond, and some toads and tree frogs live in the yard. Today I was out doing the frog count, and a chipmunk popped out from under the ornamental grass next to the rill and stared at me. Yesterday, a squirrel meandered past me on his way to the birdseed on the ground (the jays and sparrows throw seed off the feeder platform as they eat).

I played Esme for the first time since she came back from the shop, and the first time in nearly a month -- there are some new pads and they're a little leaky. That was a bit disconcerting.

I pulled a lot of blanket flower out of the east garden today. It rather takes over, and I was tired of it being the dominant flower in the bed. There's still some out there, and it will be back next year anyway. Next up, I need to thin the sea holly. ick (it's got pokey leaves *and* flowers, especially once they've dried out a bit). The milkweed in the NE garden got pounded by the hail last week, and many of the stems are falling over. I may go out and put the peony rings on them, just to keep the leaves & seedpods off the ground.

DB has band rehearsals T-W-R this week in the afternoons. Of course, it's supposed to be hot. OTOH, we need to move SR up to campus this week, and it's supposed to be even hotter in MP than it is here. OTOOH, she's doesn't have Band Camp this week, and by the time DB and the high school band step off in the fair parade on Saturday it's supposed to be much cooler (and fair parade uniform is T-shirt and shorts anyway).

J's been laying new concrete (see?). He's nearly done with the floor, but then he has to move everything back in. I'll help some, but a lot of the stuff is things that I don't know where they go, or are too big/bulky for me to handle.


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