The cranes are still hanging around in the backyard, although there's now an adolescent and an adult, rather than the pair of adults we had earlier -- one is considerably smaller than the other. One of them got spooked this morning while I was in the kitchen and crashed through the birch tree on its way up.

There was a flock of turkeys in the yard this morning when I went out to pick tomatoes -- two or three adults, three larger-but-not-full-grown chicks, and a mass of poults (scrambling too fast for the field to be counted, but at least ten).

The frog count has settled out at "lots". :) DB and I got to 15 on Sunday evening before one spooked and 'bloop'ed which led to a bunch more doing the same.

The funeral meal went well, other than underestimating the number of people by 25% or so. We'd guessed at 70, and fed 90+ (there were 150 in the church for the service, but many had not planned on staying for the meal after -- good thing, because we don't have that many tables and chairs, even if we set up outside). We nearly ran out of meat and cheese, did run out of the fruit tray, had to send out for more tomatoes, but nobody went away hungry. I grabbed the wrong pair of shoes and wound up with a blister on my heel. I guess I'm wearing sandals for the rest of the week.

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Jul. 24th, 2016 09:38 pm
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Lots more frogs! J went past the pond on the lawnmower and said he got about a dozen bloops, and when I went out shortly thereafter we got another 5 or 6.

SR is in the air as I type...a 13 hour flight from Detroit to Tokyo, and then another 4 hours to Taipei, where she will be met by a friend and his room-mate. The friend teaches at the school she will be teaching at. DB is being his bratly self, and making her cry at the airport -- he sent her a picture of the grey floofball.

By request, crane pictures!
walking cranes

resting cranes

There are two cranes in the bottom picture -- one is sitting on the ground. Not the best picture, but that was taken through the sliding door. I knew if I tried to open the door for a better picture the cranes would move (and at least one of the cats would have gotten out....)

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Jul. 22nd, 2016 10:54 am
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There are bitty frogs in the pond -- at least half a dozen, all about an inch long.

The cranes seem to have moved in -- they're in the yard almost all day. Their poo is not as bad as goose or dog, but I still don't want to step in it. The frogs stay hidden when the cranes are near the pond, but otherwise they don't care much.

DB has been working in the theater spaces at the schools for the last couple of weeks, and worked sound for the first few days of VBS this week. Bad timing on someone's part -- he'd have been willing to work all of VBS if it hadn't been the same week he was sorting/building/cleaning at school. J filled in on the days DB wasn't there -- he'd have been there anyway on Wednesday, as a tree branch came down on the powerline that goes by the church and the entire corner (including us!) was without power. J went over with the generators so they'd have lights and sound.

I have more plants for the garden, and a plan for where to put them, but probably won't do that until next week, when it cools down a bit. Transplant shock plus heat shock is a good way to kill a plant.

SR leaves for Taiwan on Sunday -- she'll be there for at least a year, teaching English (vocabulary & conversational) at a 'cram school' in Taipei.

There is one more FCB performance this season (Monday, 7pm, Riley Park in downtown Farmington), then most of the band gets six weeks off -- a bunch of us are going up to Band Camp at Interlochen, though. I have music and bins to transport to the concert, and may have custody of some auxiliary percussion until September if we can't get in to Harrison after the concert.
... is 9.

Yesterday, SR and I only counted 6, but there were more today. They haven't started calling yet, but I'm sure they will soon.

The "wild" tulips started blooming yesterday -- I'm often surprised by them, as they look like clumps of grass until the flowers open.
The FCB season is winding down. Yesterday was the annual "sardine packing", where we cram 70+ musicians on a stage that's crowded with 40. A week ago (Monday), we played outside. I have heard rumors that we may be making up the cancelled library concert sometime later this month, but those are vague. There is one scheduled performance left, the season finale at Riley Park in Farmington.

The counting of the froggies is five.

I really should go and weed, but it's chilly and humid -- there's a storm system moving in, too. And the neighbor is mowing his lawn -- he's better than J about not running over things, but I spent too many years living with a 60" mower deck and I don't want to get hit by flying sticks or pebbles.

I didn't get any weeding done over the weekend, as SR and I went to Greenfield Village (where I got a FCB costume idea) on Saturday, because we hadn't visited yet this season. It was the Ragtime Festival, so there was lots of music. Some of it was good.

Plans for the Annual Picnic remain nebulous. J says he's going up, but I have no idea when he's leaving, or who is going with him. We shall see.


Jun. 16th, 2015 12:54 am
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Yesterday, (Sunday) we got over 2 inches of rain, according to the birdfeeding bucket that was laft outside. Today, when I got home from FCB rehearsal, there were at least two different froggies sounding off in the pond. Right now, there is a firefly creeping across the screen, blinking as he goes.

ION, it did not rain on our party. Whee!!! We had set up the tables in the garage rather than the backyard so that we wouldn't have to cram everyone into the house if it did rain, but the rain held off until well after midnight. J and I managed to get the tables and chairs returned to church between cloudbursts on Sunday, so the only thing that go wet was us. I got soaked to the skin -- J was a bit drier, but he was under a porch roof locking the hall while I was putting the tailgate back on the trailer....
Froggie count is ten, all visuals, plus a possible blorp.

The weeds are still growing, and I've been slowly getting to the flowerbeds I ignored much of the summer (when they weren't too weedy, but now the summer flowers are beginning to fade and the weeds are taking over). Yesterday I "fluffed" the geranium in the front flowerbed -- they're sprawly things anyway, and a couple of wind/rain events had flattened this one out, so I fluffed it. It looks much better now. There's still weeds to pull in that flowerbed, but I disturbed an anthill yesterday. So it will wait until tomorrow when the ants have calmed down and the weather is better.

Today is a football game. Whee? It's predicted to be the hottest day of the year, with the heat breaking "sometime" in the afternoon. With storms, of course. Yesterday's JV game was postponed due to a storm that rolled through in the late afternoon, and I wouldn't be surprised if they did the same thing today. The visiting team isn't coming from that far away, and the weather tomorrow is supposed to be gorgeous.

I have no idea what I did to my back, but I've been having a lot of numbness in the already compromised areas. Do not like, especially with a football game tonight.

The black cat is sleeping on my bed again. So, yes, my bed is still not made.

Into the workroom -- I need to replace my bags for band, and first rehearsal is Monday.

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Aug. 19th, 2014 02:43 pm
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Frog count is seven -- 6 actual sightings at/above the water surface, and one streamlined shape, all at the same time. At least two species -- one plainish green, one green with brown & yellow spots.

I really need to weed, but we've been getting rain at inconvenient times. I don't like weeding after it rains -- the ground is soft enough that it will compact when stepped on, and that's bad for the plants. I was able to get out and do the large strawberry bed -- that was a lot of work. I didn't realise it had been being ignored by everyone.

DB has band rehearsal this afternoon, and it's the warmest it's been since the first day of band camp. that will be fun (fsvo).

yep, spring.

Apr. 29th, 2013 07:30 am
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Saturday we went to the (Detroit) zoo. There were only a few animals off exhibit due to the weather -- the ground was still a bit too cool for a couple of the more tropical animals. Lots of turtles basking, and ducks and swans nesting.

Sunday it rained most of the day. So much for getting into the garden over the weekend. It's probably too wet to get out there today, although I will check later.

Last night I heard the first froggie of the year (I think it was actually a toad, but they're all "froggies"). I knew that we hadn't lost all the amphibians in the pond, as one went scurrying for cover a couple of days ago as I walked past the pond, but I hadn't seen or heard one. (still haven't seen one, but that will come -- if the sun comes out today, I'm sure they'll be out.)

The small lilac in the front yard is just about ready to leaf out, as is the willow tree, and the rowan has fuzz on its leafbuds. The double daffodils in the NW bed bloomed Saturday, but that's pretty much all the new flowers -- the Chionodoxa (snow glories) and anemones and wind flowers in the side bed bloomed mid week.


Apr. 16th, 2012 03:08 pm
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So the weather got decent enough that I could go pull weeds. So I did. So the flowerbeds look much better, although there's still one or two I need to get to.

Unfortunately, it's not gonna happen today. And maybe not tomorrow, either. I hate back spasms. I think I'll settle for getting the laundry done. And making dinner. And going to rehearsal.

The "frogs" are carrying on. At last count (which was yesterday evening) there were 16 in and around the pond. (I say "frogs" because there's treefrogs and toads and proper frogs out there, and they're hard to tell apart when all you can see is eyes (and maybe a nose) or moving blobs as they dive for cover.)


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