Now they're on to the south side of the roof. (Thursday saw no roofing done, as it rained just enough to make and keep everything slippery.) The south side is easier (no dormers or porch roof), but there's a lot of vent stacks to work around, and a bunch of roof/attic vents that are being removed so there are holes to be patched. Still, they should finish today. Sunday when they were telling us that we were going to get storms, J and I pulled the ladders down. Then the storms were somewhat less severe than originally predicted (to be fair, the Weather Service downgraded the predictions as the day went on). However, we got a lovely out-of-nowhere storm with 30mph winds on Monday afternoon, so it was not wasted effort.

Saturday, J put in gable vents. Those things let a lot of air move through, and just doing that should cool the upstairs quite a bit. Then the ridge vents go on, and those should help even more. Putting the gable vents in included bonus 'can you climb this 30' ladder and pound on this for me' action -- J was creeping around in the attic (120F, dust & fiberglass everywhere), so I can't complain too much. Still, not my favorite thing to do.

Monday, we packed up the car with two saxophones, three music stands, two instrument stands and three people, and wandered off to Franklin (MI) to play in the Brigadoon band. The Franklin Community Band officially disbanded about 8-10 years ago due to dwindling numbers, but a friend from the Farmington band recruits a small group to play for Franklin's Memorial Day celebration. I took both the tenor and the bari because I didn't know which they'd need more. DB came along with a tuba mouthpiece -- it was surprisingly easy to get him to do so "hey, d'you wanna come play an old sousaphone? It'll only be an hour or so." "sure.". J came along to take pictures. (I saw him chatting with a reporter, so DB and I may wind up in the local paper.) I played tenor sax, and played TSax, baritone (treble clef), and 2nd Cornet parts, depending on what I had music for and what was needed more. In retrospect, I should have played bari on one of the marches -- it has a tricky tuba part, and DB was flailing, and it's one that I transcribed the bari part from the tuba part a few years ago. It's been two years since DB's played sousaphone, and other than that piece he did really really well. He said the hardest part was getting used to the weight -- the Franklin sousaphone is probably 80 years old, and is tightly wound plated brass. He said that he wouldn't want to march with it. :) (I suspect it's more tightly wound than current fiberglass sousaphones so that it's easier to wear.)

This year's recipient of "I don't remember planting this" is five oriental poppies in the side garden. They haven't bloomed yet, so I don't know what color they are.
So, we've known for a while that we have at least one raccoon who climbs the post to the "house" birdfeeder and flips the top open so he can get the birdseed inside it. I don't know if it was a different one last night, or if it was pissed off, but last night it ripped the plexiglass side out of the feeder. There are grooves cut in the wood of the feeder for the plexi to slide into, and the wood on the outside was split right off.

We've had that feeder up for 15 years at least, repainted the roof of it at least once, replaced a roof panel once, and it was finally done in by a brat of a raccoon. I was able to wedge the side in, but I'll have to replace the feeder, probably today.

In other news, Wednesday afternoon I went out to weed, and was almost thwarted by dry ground. The east bed dries out quickly, and the weeds I was trying to pull have lots of very fine roots that don't like coming out of dry ground. I had to work each plant out, rather than just pulling like I can when the ground is soft. And then it rained Wednesday evening and Thursday, so it should be easy to work. It's also not even 50F, and that's too cold for me to weed.

Wednesday evening I went off to Saline HS to this year's collaboration concert, even though I had no kid on stage. Damien was directing, and I thought that Saline's bands were very good at Festival this year. (It's really odd, going to a concert that I don't stack-and-rack afterwards.) It was a pretty good concert -- SHS had invited Livonia Churchill HS out for this year's concert. I don't like LCHS' director (bad experiences at Festival), but I can't deny that she's a good director and good with her kids. Damien did HR Reynolds' O Magnum Mysterium with Saline's band, and it was gorgeous. (Ok, I'm biased because I really like that piece anyway, and any chance I have to revel in those glorious chords I'll take.) He then did Saint-Saen's Pas Redouble with the combined bands. The FCB had just done this piece with a guest conductor, and he had added in an accelerando at the end. Damien apparently liked it, because he had the mass band do it that way. :)
It's Monday evening, and I don't have rehearsal or a concert tonight. Verrrrry odd. I won't have Monday rehearsal until September. Esme is currently at the shop, getting a tuneup before we go off to camp a week from tomorrow.

And between now and then, I'm working the primary election tomorrow and we're going to Muse. I need to make sure that Wench works, and if not Sebastian gets to come to Chicago with us. (I offered to bring a sax and a flute for the "petting zoo".) I also need to figure out a knitting project to take with -- there's nothing portable on the needles right now.

But right now, I need to go make a rice and bean and corn salad to take to the election potluck tomorrow.

SR is in Taiwan, with her bags and the contents thereof. I haven't heard from her since shortly after she landed, but both J and DB have. I suspect some difficulty in getting connected to teh intarwebz and it not being as important as getting ready to teach.
a grackle, I think, although maybe it was a cowbird. Ji and I were in the den and we heard a smallish "thump thump" on the roof and then the deck. He perked up from his nap, and I turned around to see what had happened. There was a raptor, not more than 5 feet from the house, standing on the black bird he'd just nabbed. He stood and looked at us for a few minutes, and then flew off for the trees on the other side of the garage.

In other news, the crocuses in the side garden (mostly purple to white, with lots of stages in between) are serving as wonderful hosts for bees. SR and I stood on the side porch listening to the hum of bees for a while this morning.

Yesterday's frog count was 6. I didn't go out and count today, but SR and I saw one sunning itself on a rock in the early afternoon. I really should extract more algae from the pond, but it's currently acting as frog habitat, so I guess it can stay for a bit longer.

Sunday's FCB concert was a little more free-form than had been planned. We had a stage rehearsal scheduled for Friday evening, but the power line leading into the high school where we perform failed early Wednesday morning. It took a while to find the exact failure point and determine the best plan of attack (I was told that the baseball field has a "lovely" trench all the way across), and as of Friday the school wasn't sure if there'd be school on Monday, much less a concert on Sunday, and there most certainly wasn't going to be rehearsal Friday night. But repairs were finished Saturday afternoon so we got a quick stage rehearsal Sunday before the concert. I brought "my" stagehands along, and DB and J helped with the transition from small ensembles to full band, and they all helped with teardown.
I've been helping in the K-2 library for the last couple of weeks - a couple of hours on a Wednesday, and I get all the books back on the shelves so they can go out again. I have gotten some interesting reactions from the teachers and staff, as I stopped doing library stuff there 6 or 7 years ago. The librarian is happy to see me, and the kids are glad to have another adult to help them find books.

The next FCB concert is a Collage concert, with small ensembles as well as a short full-band set. A couple of the other sax players put together an ensemble and asked if I would join them, so I've been going in early to work on the piece. It's not hard, but there are some tricky bits in it. Something that I've been doing has been bothering my hand, so I've not been practicing as much as I probably should be. We've got a couple more weeks before auditions, so I should have it figured out by then.

For the last couple of weeks, we've had birds crashing into the dining room window, sometimes hard enough to break their necks. We were talking about it, and the kids pointed out that I'd washed the outside of the window in Mid-December. Yeah, that would do it. J put some blue tape bits on it, and I'll get some stickers later this week.
Sunday was the FCB Holiday concert. There's a lot of notes in that there music. And I played nearly all of the ones in mine. I did miss a couple, but then, I think everyone did (as long as someone in the section/part got them, it's not critical). I was able to find a reed that allowed me to get all the notes -- one of my rehearsal reeds is just about used up, and it was being extremely picky about notes on Friday during the stage rehearsal. I no longer have that reed. :) The concert went well, I think. We had extra bonus 'move-those-chimes' action, as the band borrowed a set of chimes from Chelsea HS, so J and I got to load chimes after the concert and then unload them at CHS. DB was still there -- resetting the stage for concerts after the ballet (the middle school holiday concert is tonight, with lots of activity to follow. IIRC, the stage is in use every night this week.)

Also on Sunday we started working on the instrumental parts for the Christmas Eve service. Neither of the kids is playing hand chimes, but one or the other may be singing with the choir. We'll figure that out next week.

Friday the carpenters came and routed off some material on the front stiles of the cabinet. I can fit the microwave into the cabinet now. They also left me with paint to finish the routed edges. Whee. So that's today's project -- paint the stiles (I sanded them on Saturday - orbital sander for the win! It's a maple cabinet, so it's a very hard wood, and would be a pain to sand by hand).

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Oct. 29th, 2015 10:46 am
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I've been slowly working through the garden -- the sage in the NW bed is cut back and the chinese lanterns are thinned; the grass and iris leaves are out of the E garden; the bleeding hearts in the front bed are cut back, etc. I had to clear algae out of the pond pump again. blech -- it's cold and slimy anyway, and this time there was a dead frog caught in it. eeeeeew.

FCB Halloween concert was Sunday -- I wore the Victorian from September, because I still don't have access to the sewing room. I've been emailing the designer who sold me the cabinet, and we still have no solution. Yes, they sent me exactly what I ordered, but it's not what I wanted, nor is it what I told the designer I wanted. I'm not sure what my avenues are, but I will probably be escalating soon. I suspect we will not be using the local lumberyard for anything that we can't pick up instore. We've ordered two things from them this year, and both times we had to call to find out where our stuff was.

DB was a Headless Horseman at the concert -- we played Broege's Headless Horseman, and he has a stick pony left over from band. I'm sure you can see what happened next.:) I built a pumpkin head mask out of a craft pumpkin from Michael's (they make half pumpkins for hanging on walls/doors) and a welding mask frame -- J printed brackets to connect them. Gorilla Glue is the only thing we found that actually sticks to craft pumpkins.
The FCB season is winding down. Yesterday was the annual "sardine packing", where we cram 70+ musicians on a stage that's crowded with 40. A week ago (Monday), we played outside. I have heard rumors that we may be making up the cancelled library concert sometime later this month, but those are vague. There is one scheduled performance left, the season finale at Riley Park in Farmington.

The counting of the froggies is five.

I really should go and weed, but it's chilly and humid -- there's a storm system moving in, too. And the neighbor is mowing his lawn -- he's better than J about not running over things, but I spent too many years living with a 60" mower deck and I don't want to get hit by flying sticks or pebbles.

I didn't get any weeding done over the weekend, as SR and I went to Greenfield Village (where I got a FCB costume idea) on Saturday, because we hadn't visited yet this season. It was the Ragtime Festival, so there was lots of music. Some of it was good.

Plans for the Annual Picnic remain nebulous. J says he's going up, but I have no idea when he's leaving, or who is going with him. We shall see.

garden, etc.

Apr. 20th, 2015 10:54 am
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While I was not paying attention over the weekend (mostly on Sunday, I think), the garden jumped into spring. The hyacinths in the NE garden are blooming, there is one(!) branch of the forsythia flowering and a few flowers scattered over the rest of the shrub, the white lilac in the front yard has leafed out, and the small daffodils by the well point have bloomed. The peonies are a few inches tall, and I need to get a ring around the one that I missed last year. The bleeding hearts under the living room window grew about 8" yesterday.

I need to figure out what we're going to do in the garden by the side door -- J cut down the dead sand cherry that was there, so it looks quite bare. We do need to build up the bed a bit before we do much there, but first we need to dig out the bulbs. Again. I think I've dug them up and replanted them more than I've done with any other garden.

Sunday was a day of music -- church in the morning, then a FCB concert in the afternoon. DB had a show to work at the old HS, which nicely bracketed my concert. (Drop DB at work, leave for concert, do concert & teardown, pick up DB after work.) The concert went well, other than a bad choice in ligatures leading to the premature death of two reeds. grumble.

I did something last week or late the week before, and my left knee has been bothering me again. So back into the dratted knee brace. ick.


Mar. 24th, 2015 01:46 pm
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There's a nice scattering of early crocuses in the side garden, and a couple of snowdrops. There's a lot of tulips and daffs coming up in that bed as well, but the rest of the gardens are still pretty quiet.

The snow is all gone. In a last gasp of winter, it was 7F/-14C in the backyard this morning. Brrr. J put the pump in the pond on Saturday, but sometime yesterday we lost power out to the pond, and so the pump stopped working, so there's a nice layer of ice on the pond. The birdbath froze solid. I didn't notice that the pond had stopped running until I was in the middle of making dinner, and while I mentioned it to J before I left for rehearsal, he didn't do anything about it yesterday. The GFCI breaker isn't tripped, but there's no power at the outlet -- I took a desk lamp out to check it.

DB leaves on a music department trip to NYC tomorrow after school, so today I'm doing laundry (he needs his dress blacks for the performance, and something not-black for the theater).

We've been reading a lot of music on Monday nights. The newish tuba player was commenting on the sheer quantity of stuff that the Maestro was saying "is for April", but we play for 90 minutes or so, and some of it will no doubt show up in the summer repertoire as well.
I am done done DONE with music for the year ! (mod singing on Sunday.) I am so pleased. It's not that I mind doing it, but every performance/rehearsal takes energy and time away from something else. I haven't started the holiday letter yet, much less the cards. The holiday kidpix should be available tomorrow, but I dunno if I want to brave the mall on a Saturday two days after Christmas.... The kids have started a new game that requires the desktop to play, so my computer time has been severely curtailed, but that's mostly because I haven't booted them off. (They've had the game for a while, but DB's not had time to play, between theater and band.)

Mum came out on Christmas Day for brunch (she brought a cranberry-walnut ring from Trader Joe's, I made quiche, the Meijer deli made a fruit salad). And yes, I actually went to the grocery store on Christmas Eve. At 8am, when it was no busier than it usually is on a Saturday morning.  We had planned on a ham dinner for Christmas Day, but decided it to have it today instead, as we were all full from brunch. Then SR suggested glazed carrots, and I noticed that we were out of potatoes. So I went to the grocer this morning, as well -- potatoes, milk, carrots.  OTOH, I won't have to go again until Monday.

Christmas Eve services went pretty well. DB sang well, and I only made a few ooopsies, most of which only I (or the kids) noticed. The service this year was pretty short, so we were home before 9pm.

Other than that, it's been a fairly quiet week. I LIKE those -- it's nice to have nothing on the schedule once in a while.
Thanksgiving Day was quiet here, and Friday we went to my mother's for dinner. A good time was had by all, and then it was time to drive home. On the fresh dusting of snow over freezing rain. It was slippy!, and it took us an extra 30 minutes to get home. But we did get home safely.

DB has been spending a lot of time in the auditorium. Once Footloose! was done, the crew started moving in the Nutcracker sets, and setting up for that. He went in Thanksgiving weekend, was there until 9 MTW for dress rehearsals, and will be there Saturday all day and Sunday afternoon. Somewhere in there were auditions for OneAct and the beginning of second term classes. He has a concert Monday evening, and will be working the Middle School holiday concert on Tuesday.

I will be spending time in auditoriums as well -- stage rehearsal tonight, concert on Sunday; then a concert in a different HS auditorium on Thursday. (and I will probably be at the Middle School concert on Tuesday night, as there is a parent meeting for OneAct at the same time, and it's silly to drive home only to turn around and go back to pick him up.) There is a stage rehearsal/mass band run-through on Monday that I will miss (DB's holiday concert), so I will be sight reading the mass band piece. OTOH, as I understand it there's only one, and it's a simplified Sleigh Ride. The trickiest part, I think, will be ensuring that I have a seat in the layout. DB will miss my Sunday concert, as they're a bit under-crewed for Sunday's performances, and he can run a couple of the larger sets by himself.

I had hopes of getting into the workroom to do useful things today, but Anna-kitteh thwarted me. I couldn't have done a lot anyway, as I do have rehearsal tonight and I really don't want to go in to rehearsal with a sore hand. I did get some fabrics pulled out, and may be able to get something cut out tomorrow while Anna is sleeping. (crosses fingers).

The minister has decided to do another lesson and carol service on Christmas Eve, and wants to reassemble the Praise Band. DB has opted out of the band (says he'll join J as a low voice), which is probably good for the balance, as the band can get a bit bass heavy with the both of us playing (and the choir is light on low voices, so probably good all around). I may be playing flute on Silent Night, which will be an entertaining swap. :)
There is so little notable going on here that I've completely missed a week.
  • OneAct (competitive theater) is over;
  • FCB has been rehearsing for a Feb 26 concert (extra rehearsal called for next week as Farmington doesn't have school tomorrow and thus the building is closed);
  • church choir is bringing back a piece we did 18 months ago (DB will be singing with us, as he likes this one);
  • OT is still at the 'get inflammation down before we can start treating the cause, meanwhile no knitting, limit playing and typing time, ice after rehearsal, etc' stage;
  • the weather continues to be cold and snowy.
In lieu of knitting, I've been inventorying the yarn I own and sorting fabric in the workroom (I'm not supposed to run scissors, either). And reading and playing games on my Nook.

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Jan. 8th, 2014 12:21 am
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The snowdrifts in the backyard are over-the-knee deep, and that's not all the way to the ground. Mind, this is on DB, not me (his knees are about 4 inches farther off the ground than mine). SR goes in halfway up her thighs. The birdbath is nearly buried in a snowdrift. I should dig it out tomorrow, and put fresh water in it -- there was no point in doing that today, as it was still too cold for the little heater in it. It was full of slushed then refrozen snow when the kids tromped out to it today -- the wind blew the water out of it and filled it with snow, but heater in it was no match for the wind sucking heat out. I made two trips out to fill birdfeeders today. I figured they could use it.

DB has still not gone back to school, but we hope he'll be going back on Thursday. Our street is plowed to about 1.75 lanes, and there are lots of roads in the district that are plowed to less than that, so there's a distinct possibility of buses getting stuck.

I took advantage of the low temperatures and cleaned out/defrosted the upright freezer in the basement (dunno what the few passersby thought, with the front porch full of plastic boxes). It's nominally a frost-free freezer, but there's been ice building up in the bottom of it for a few months. Turns out that the defrost drain had frozen over at some point, so I fixed that. (J printed off a pair of shelf bracket inserts -- for some reason, the bottom shelf was not staying in place properly. Now it is.)

I played flute at church Sunday -- the pianist lives 25+ miles away and decided that she'd really rather not drive all the way out and back home again in the snow (especially since she'd been 8 hours late getting home Saturday), so I played for communion. She probably made the right choice, as it was pretty slidy getting home after church. I think I may have to get my right hand looked at, if only to make sure it's "only" tendinitis, because it hurt Sunday afternoon, despite not playing anything for 10 days and the hand angle being much better on flute.
- despite two days of near or above freezing temps, there's still ice in the pond, even though we added two inches of water on top of the ice (the water level had dropped due to evaporation when the rill was running in 20F weather). However, it's mostly a floating sheet, and should be completely gone by later in the week. It's not supposed to drop much below freezing until Thursday night, so we should be able to get the pump out. There were birds bathing in the rill even when it was cold -- they seem to prefer the running water to the still water in the birdbath (which has a heater & a thermostat so it doesn't freeze unless it gets really cold).

- yesterday's bonus "cello" performance at church was not horrible. It could have been far better (it could have been far worse, too). I needed some actual rehearsal time with just the pianist, so I could get her tempo changes. It helps that I'm used to singing with her, and am familiar with how she bends tempos, but still....

- I've been swapped down to alto for some of the Christmas music. The soprano part is just too high for me, and while DS would prefer to sing alto (less stress on her voice), she can sing the soprano parts.

- DB managed to hold off a cold for most of November (didn't have time, between the show and then finals), and so was sick over the holiday break. OTOH, Assassin's Creed IV was fresh out, so he and SR spent much of their weekend playing that. And Skyrim.

- Thanksgiving was quiet. Just the four of us for dinner, and I skipped most of the fancy sides. Salad, cranberry bread, roasted potatoes&apples, ham. With pumpkin pie squares for dessert. We forgot the crescent rolls, so we made them Friday and Saturday. By Sunday, we were pretty much out of leftovers -- there's a plate of ham shreds in the fridge, but many of them are too small for anything but putting into salad or soup.

- We got the tree up and decorated (we had to rearrange the living room to make a spot for it), and JO dropped by with the wreath we'd ordered, so it's beginning to look like Christmas is coming. Kid pix will be the weekend after next, so there's no need to start the letter yet. :)

- Sometime last week I strained my quadriceps. again. And a couple of days later, my knee started complaining. So back into the knee brace. mutter. Do Not Like. I like pain less, so there you are.
Choir Sunday, then senior center hymn sing*, with bonus "um. Could you lead us in the singing?" sigh. "sure", figuring that a small congregation of senior citizens is unlikely to come up with a hymn from the hymnal that the pianist or I don't know. I was right, although the arrangement of Swing Low, Sweet Chariot in the Methodist hymnal is different than the one in the Pilgrim Hymnal, and I flailed a bit more than I like to.

*: it was supposed to be a wind trio+piano, but wind players kept having family scheduling issues, so it wound up being me+Esme+piano. With 20 minutes of rehearsal and a balky octave key. such fun.

Soon, it's off to the HS for Fall Echoes. We don't have to go quite as early as usual, as DB is already there for play rehearsal, but if we want to get decent seating we should leave soon. I just got back home, after spending two hours retrieving props from various theater storage areas all over town.
and then I came home and vegged. Played bari at both church services (last Sunday of the month=Praise Band-I think it's kind of dorky, but nobody complains), was song leader at second service, sang soprano in rehearsal and the anthem, then went off to Farmington and played a 90 minute Spooktacular concert with the FCB. I wore an old costume, and I realised that I should have actually tried the thing on before Sunday, as the skirt waistband was too long. I'll fix that before I put it away this year. And I need a proper belt for it.

Today the FCB starts digging into some of the music for the Holiday concert. More notes.

Tomorrow is set move-in day for the musical. I guess I know where I'll be after school.

So I won't be doing any garden stuff until Wednesday at the earliest. When it's supposed to be rainy. Whee. But stuff needs to be done, so as long as the ground's not soaked, I'll be out there.
However, I don't think it's rained much (if any) since my last post. So I've been watering things. The tomatoes got a good long soak yesterday, but today's rain only got a fraction of an inch down, so it's probably a good thing. There are lots of little green tomatoes on all the plants, so I have hopes of actually getting some tomatoes this year. The hardy hibiscus is really blooming a lot this year -- we've gotten enough rain for it. It's been sending up new stems every year, but the new stems haven't bloomed. I should add it to the water-if-it-doesn't-rain-for-a-week list. The prairie bed is full of sage and cornflowers. And honeybees. There are bumblebees all over the sea holly. (The grower claimed it was the 'Miss Wilmot's Ghost' cultivar, but it's too blue.) There's also a second flush of yellow California poppies and some hollyhocks. J found a Red Hot Poker under a garden bench -- it had survived a few years of getting chopped off by the lawnmower -- and moved it into a spot in the garden.

DB&J are off at MakerFair at the Henry Ford -- DB is there with his FIRST robotics team (& robot), & J is there to drive and poke around.

I got a few more things put away, but I'm waiting on the cabinet for the living room. once that shows up, I can start really putting things away.

DB starts band camp on Aug 3 with a rookie orientation meeting that he needs to be at, and then there's a leadership meeting on the 4th before camp actually starts on the 5th. SR may help out if needed. The last FCB performance of the season is tomorrow, and then we get five weeks off before we start all over again in September.

Ji-kitteh caught a chipmunk yesterday, and tried to bring it into the house. He didn't quite succeed.
A flood of daffodils in the NW bed, a scattering of hyacinths in all the beds, blue-eyed grass in the sidebed. The 'wild' tulips in the warm bed bloomed last week and have faded, but there are lots more to come in other flowerbeds. The Crown Imperial in the East bed have recovered from their freeze last week and are standing up straight again. The deer have been nibbling on the stuff coming up in the far east bed, which is only a few feet from the untouched near east bed. weird. The standard tulips in the warmer beds have well-developed buds, while the ones in the cooler beds are just leaves. The bleeding hearts have sent up 2-3 inches of shoots over the last few days. The peonies have also poked stems through. Unfortunately, the weeds have also begun to sprout, and I need to start dealing with them. I think it will be dry enough to work somewhere outside today.

I saw the first of probably many goldfinches in summer colors.

Yesterday was a busy day -- church stuff in the morning, a quick lunch, then off to Farmington for a concert. After an afternoon of wrangling a large saxophone, chairs and stands, food and tables for a reception, and a set of chimes, I'm stiff today. (I had to return the chimes to the high school this morning, too.) Working in the garden will probably help.

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Aug. 13th, 2012 06:40 pm
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Back from band camp! Wow. I'm tired, and my brain is buzzing. A somewhat different experience than the first time I went, partly, I suspect, because I had a better idea of what I was getting into. Well, and I actually played bari sax parts! OTOH, the staff keep telling us that the quality of the band has been getting better every year, and so their expectations keep getting revised up. Lots more walking this year -- woodwind sectionals were way at the other end of the camp (about a mile away from my room), and I usually skipped the shuttle ride and left the space for the elderly folk who were having real problems with the walk. Stayed up late at the afterglow last night/early this morning, and still managed to leave around 9am. I will sleep well tonight. (assuming that the dog lets me on to the bed -- she's had my spot all week, and she doesn't share well.)

Esme was admired by many, and I didn't make any horrible mistakes in the performance. They tell me I need to play louder, though. sigh. Don't wanna -- I just got my reed & mouthpiece balanced, and now you want me to blow more air through the horn?!

In my email this morning was a instrumental arrangement of a hymn that the new minister wants us to play this weekend (and next). This weekend is scheduled to be flute & barisax, and next week she wants to add in clarinet, as well as the HS kids (trumpet, trombone, tuba). The Sunday before I left for camp, we did it as a vocal trio - SSA. (I bet you can guess who was the alto.)

The cat is still stinking of skunk. The cool damp of the last week hasn't helped, as the kids haven't been able to leave the windows open.


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