Esme was back from the shop, so off I went to FCB rehearsal last night (there's a fairly major concert coming up in 3 rehearsals, so I needed to be there). She's much happier now, and I'm much happier -- we can do the octave jumps a lot more easily with a working octave key. I'm actually pretty good at getting the octaves with air pressure and embouchure, but there are a few places where the music starts off in the upper octave and she didn't like starting there. I also had the neck cork replaced to fit the mouthpiece I use -- the cork that was on there really was intended for a mouthpiece with a slightly smaller inside diameter, and it was occasionally hard to tune.

And then the maestro started in on the 'more volume, more attitude' (by which he means growl and edge on the sound -- I've got plenty of attitude). Which is not what I'm used to in concert band -- my previous CB/Wind Symphony directors have wanted smooth string sounds out of the baris, which is why I'm playing a wide open mouthpiece with a hard reed. So I either go to a softer reed or back to the general purpose mouthpiece. I got softer reeds today, and I'll try them out tomorrow when I practice.

No knitting on Monday -- unpacking + laundry + an evening's worth of rehearsal + con decompression pretty much ate the day. Nothing yet today, either -- stuff in the workroom and errands to run. WAY behind schedule right now, but there's still time. I hope. :)
There's a flock of sparrows and finches bouncing around on the deck and deck rail, looking for the birdseed that's usually there. Sorry guys, it's all gone. I think most of it blew off the platform, rather than getting eaten, so there's probably quite a bit buried in the snow, and they're certainly looking for it. And both cats are watching intently.

Currently there's about 2 inches of snow on the ground, for all that it's been snowing since 7am here. And there's a layer of really wet stuff just at the pavement/snow interface which makes it fairly slippery.

Just got a call from the bell choir director -- there's no rehearsal today, as the snow is expected to continue, and many of the choir members live on roads that won't be plowed until tomorrow. :) (not that we'll be plowed out before then, but we live close enough that I can walk.) And I missed FCB rehearsal last night -- I had sent Esme in for a couple of nit-picky things that finally torqued me off enough to *do* something about, and the repairs weren't done in time.... ooops.

Off to bake -- need lunch box cookies and bread. Of course, there's a very good chance that DB won't have school tomorrow, but if I assume that I won't need cookies/bread in the morning, there will be school, and we won't have any. I need them for lunch tomorrow anyway, so might as well do it now and not worry about it.


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