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I went to a wedding yesterday (an old friend from back when we were both in Hawkland Moor). The invitation said "Victorian, Formal, or Steampunk", so I built the late-Victorian-ish outfit I've been planning on doing for years. See? The priest said that it was probably the best-dressed wedding he'd ever officiated. When he mentioned the "arch of steel", he noted that it was the first time he'd ever announced "please no open swords in church".

Still waiting to hear from the warehouse -- the saleslady said to call her back if we hadn't heard from the warehouse in a week or so, so I'll do that sometime next week.

I had (reluctantly) volunteered to do the layout for the Exhibition program, figuring that it'd be better to get in at the beginning rather than getting an emergency call. Late Friday, I got a note from the person collecting all the data that someone else had offered to do the layout "she'll just input all the information -- it's easier that way". Ya think? I told her that half of the time I'd spent doing the layout last year had been taking out the formatting that she'd done, and that I was going to request that she just send me the files that she got and I'd take it from there. (I have no idea how good this new person is at layout. We've been using the same layout since this event started, and it's not as easy as it looks.) But, hey. It's not my problem anymore. This pleases me.

The counting of the froggies is 14, plus toadlets. J spooked an adult toad in the garage the other day.

Date: 2015-09-14 11:32 am (UTC)
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Pooh, I like the outfit!


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