- despite two days of near or above freezing temps, there's still ice in the pond, even though we added two inches of water on top of the ice (the water level had dropped due to evaporation when the rill was running in 20F weather). However, it's mostly a floating sheet, and should be completely gone by later in the week. It's not supposed to drop much below freezing until Thursday night, so we should be able to get the pump out. There were birds bathing in the rill even when it was cold -- they seem to prefer the running water to the still water in the birdbath (which has a heater & a thermostat so it doesn't freeze unless it gets really cold).

- yesterday's bonus "cello" performance at church was not horrible. It could have been far better (it could have been far worse, too). I needed some actual rehearsal time with just the pianist, so I could get her tempo changes. It helps that I'm used to singing with her, and am familiar with how she bends tempos, but still....

- I've been swapped down to alto for some of the Christmas music. The soprano part is just too high for me, and while DS would prefer to sing alto (less stress on her voice), she can sing the soprano parts.

- DB managed to hold off a cold for most of November (didn't have time, between the show and then finals), and so was sick over the holiday break. OTOH, Assassin's Creed IV was fresh out, so he and SR spent much of their weekend playing that. And Skyrim.

- Thanksgiving was quiet. Just the four of us for dinner, and I skipped most of the fancy sides. Salad, cranberry bread, roasted potatoes&apples, ham. With pumpkin pie squares for dessert. We forgot the crescent rolls, so we made them Friday and Saturday. By Sunday, we were pretty much out of leftovers -- there's a plate of ham shreds in the fridge, but many of them are too small for anything but putting into salad or soup.

- We got the tree up and decorated (we had to rearrange the living room to make a spot for it), and JO dropped by with the wreath we'd ordered, so it's beginning to look like Christmas is coming. Kid pix will be the weekend after next, so there's no need to start the letter yet. :)

- Sometime last week I strained my quadriceps. again. And a couple of days later, my knee started complaining. So back into the knee brace. mutter. Do Not Like. I like pain less, so there you are.

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Jan. 19th, 2011 09:13 pm
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Had a PT evaluation today, to determine whether we should ask the doc for another 3-4 weeks of PT. The answer to that is yes, because this course of treatment actually seems to be helping. It's very slow going, and I still have to be ridiculously careful with foot and ankle positioning. The dog does not help with that, as she's consistently wanting to go through the door in the den just *after* I get settled. And I can't really do anything in the sewing room, which is past annoying. And ironing hurts. :(

I was all set to spend the afternoon doing layout (a couple of newsletters and a flyer), but it turns out that there was very little to do. The flyer needed a little bit of tweaking and proofing, and I've got less than half the stuff I need for the newsletters. So I did laundry, knitted, and played games instead.

Annabelle has been "lurking" at Ji lately -- it's highly amusing to watch her hunker down whenever he turns away and when he turns back she sits up, as though she was just sitting there.

There were a dozen doves in the backyard this morning, four cardinals (2 boys, 2 girls), five or six bluejays, and uncountable "mixed small birds". And a couple of crows at the birdbath -- they're so big that there can really only be one on the bath at a time, and the other one was waiting its turn on top of the house feeder about 10 feet away.


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