(It's still an Expedition in the calendar the school sent home. I mentioned it last year, but apparently it never got changed. erm.) Another night of good weather -- no rain, not too much wind (although down in the swampy corner we could have used a bit more to keep the mosquitoes down), and while it got chilly toward the end it didn't get too bad. Then again, I wasn't sitting in metal bleachers -- SR said she got cold. There are a couple of band directors who remember me. Dexter's asked if I was going to be back next year, and I told him that I didn't think RC would let me get away. More bands than ever this year -- as many as will fit in the timeframe -- 14 plus the feature band (Eastern Michigan) and the Chelsea middle school. There was a teeny band (marching 22), a huge band (marching over 250), and pretty much everything in between. There were bands who had worked more on their music than the drill, and some that had worked more on drill than music, and a couple who were uncertain of both. There were at least a couple of bands who hadn't had the opportunity to do their halftime show at all (the bad weather a couple of weeks ago washed out a lot of games, and if that was the only home game before the exhibition...); and couple who hadn't had enough time to work the whole show, so only did part of it. Eastern was nearly in game day form -- very snappy and crisp. A much better presentation than Western was last year.

I'm not terribly pleased with a couple of things with the layout, but the cover looks better than the one that was sent to me, and I'm still not sure what happened to the Dansville band picture -- I was certain that I'd lightened it up, but the one that got used in the program was really quite dark.

And there's a football game tonight, so I'll get to see the show from the front this time. :) Maybe the entire sousaphone section will remember to swagger, instead of the two that did on Wednesday (and the one who started swaggering after he noticed somebody else doing it).


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