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Garden report N-2017

The state of the garden:
  • the sea of daffodils in the NW bed is fully in bloom, even the doubles are blooming. It has become evident that one of the things I need to do in that garden this year is divide the daffodils. I'll just spread them out in that garden. The next time I do it, I'll have to find a new garden to put some of them in. Maybe over by the forsythia, where the only early things are a few hyacinths and species tulips.

  • the strawberries are not happy, but I think we've got enough healthy plants that we won't lose them all. I should probably keep an eye on them, and go trim off the flowers so that they'll put their energy into growing rather than fruiting.

  • the garden by the side door is now in its "blue" stage -- the purple and white crocuses and the white snowdrops are done, and now it's grape hyacinths (which are a very blue purple), bluebells, squill, and chionodoxa.

  • the fritillaria in the east garden is actually blooming this year. Last year the flower buds got caught in the late freeze, and they never opened. There are a few species tulips blooming out there, but I expect more by the end of the week. I need to divide the reticulated irises this year because the clumps are getting awfully cramped.

  • there is a leak in the pond. quelle surprise. It's not too bad - I only need to top it off every couple of days.

  • we have a new crabapple tree in the backyard. It's replacing the rowan that never actually rooted, and came down in the windstorm last month.

  • we can actually see the daffodils by the wellpoint from the house! With the big lilac and the tallgrass by the wellpoint cut back, we've got a view. The early bulb bed by the lilac has been extracted from the grass that had overgrown it while J wasn't mowing under the lilac, and I expect tulips later this year.