Mar. 25th, 2017

- rehearsals for a concert on Sunday. The pieces we did at Red Cedar, a guest conductor, a couple of new pieces, and a few that we've done before. DB may or may not come to the concert -- he's said that he wants to hear us play Sheltering Sky, but I don't know if that outweighs whatever plans he has with friends. Monday we start rehearsals for the next concert, which is the start of the 'summer season', so the band will probably be smaller. Which is good, because we won't fit onto the stages for the summer concerts with 90 members.

- waiting for the weather to decide what it's doing, so I can go pull weeds. Or even pick up the willow branches that have come down. There's only been a couple of days since they came down when it wasn't cold or raining or both, and I had scheduled errands and appointments. Maybe sometime next week.

- library was on hiatus for a couple of weeks. End of term meant half-days of school so no books being checked out or returned, then it was Book Fair and the library was full of Book Fair cabinets so no books circulating. There were a lot on Thursday.


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