Mar. 13th, 2017


Wednesday morning, the wind started. The weather service had been telling us that it would be windy, posting High Wind Warnings for all day Wednesday, so it wasn't a real surprise. Nor was it a surprise when the power went out. (I think my response was "and there it goes"). But then it stayed out. J went to work, because with no power he couldn't work from home (the cable goes out shortly after the power does). Friday night, the landline went out (ATT's battery backups are apparently only 2.5 days), so all we had was patchy somewhat unreliable cell phone coverage. And no phone for DTE to call us on.

But J went to work, and DB went to work, and I stayed home to babysit the generator. Got a lot of reading done, and sorted knitting patterns. Thursday I went out to survey the damage. A few shingles off the west edge of the roof, at eave level (the roof needs to be reshingled this year anyway, but at least not *now*!), a couple of shrubberies broken off, the rowan toppled (it never settled in well anyway). And the diverter from the gutter in the neighbor's yard.

And then J went off to Robotics competition in Ann Arbor Fri/Sat while I stayed home and babysat the generator. Saturday AM, J came home from Robotics and took the small (quiet) generator over to church so that the sanctuary would have heat and light for Sunday service. Late Saturday afternoon, J got a message from the pastor asking how to disconnect the sanctuary from the generator and reconnect to the mains. Whee! that meant that we probably had power too, so he texted me and I checked (flipped various breakers), and then went out to the garage and turned off the generator.

DTE tells us that it was the largest weather related power outage in their service area (the Northeast Blackout in 2003 doesn't count, because there was nothing they could do about it).

And now (10 am Monday) we've got 3/4 of an inch of snow, and more coming. They say we'll get 3-5 by the end of the storm.


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