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Jul. 21st, 2017 07:37 pm
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it's weird.

J is at the annual picnic, which I have skipped, yet again. The seats in his car and my back do not get along -- a Chicago trip (especially coming home after a con) is about as much time in the front seats as is comfortable, and annual picnic is about twice that. Driving would be worse, I think, as the headrests force my head into an uncomfortable position (he replaced the passenger side headrest with one from an earlier model, and it's much better)*. I'd like to go to the UP and see people, both those who live there and those who are visiting, but....

DB has run off to Chicagoland with a friend and her aunt to see a concert. Don't know which one, or where; some K-pop band, iirc.

The birdbath was knocked over this morning when I went out. I suspect one of the raccoons missed a jump. :)

Frog count is 8 in the pond plus at least two tree frogs.

I had intended to get some work done in the sewing room this week, but have been thwarted by cats. Either Ji is outside or Belle wants to "help". sigh. Belle will only get worse when DB goes off to Western in September, I suspect.

(* let's just say that when I replace my car, it will not be with an Escape. The seats don't fit me, and Esme doesn't fit in the back....)
You'd think I was in a band or something.

Four gigs in 12 days, the last three in the space of 5 days, with no additional rehearsals. I've seen jebra almost as much as I've seen J. :) (J is working overtime, trying to get up to speed on new things that need to be done RSN at work.) The gigs went pretty well, in general. No major trainwrecks, although there were a couple of places where the track got a little squirrelly, and both J and Nana said that everything seemed a little laid-back at Heritage Park. (Not surprising, as we hadn't played for a week, and Damien is likely to take things a click down in that situation. We were down three percussionists, it was hot, and the FCB has a comfortable 'groove' that we settle into unless prodded out of it.) One more gig at the end of the month, then we get August off. (A bunch of us are going up to Interlochen for Adult Band Camp, though. More music!)

Friday saw me off-line all day -- the power went out early in the morning, and by the time we got power back I was into the rest of my day and never even turned the computer on. Then the power went out three more times between Friday afternoon and Saturday evening. The back yard is much quieter without the rill running.
This time, probably 2 tons, based on the trailer tires. They were really flattened out, and the wheels were tilting a bit. They didn't have to go far, so there's that. J took out the rock 'wall' he'd laid along the north-south road (the kids who used to cut across the easement while racing have at least stopped trying to cut the corner), and we moved the rock to a pile. We figure it'll make good habitat. DB came out to help. I really don't want to have to put in a proper fence, but if we start getting people cutting the corner again, we may have to put in a few panels of short rail fence, which will at least be something easy to mow/trim around.

There has been no progress on the rill, and we really need to find a small pump so we can aerate the pond. I may just see what the hardware store has for small pond pumps. There are at least four species of frogs and toads in the pond -- there are four distinct calls, and a couple that could be either be variants within a species or a different species altogether.

Some of the oriental poppies in the side garden became food. I saw one blooming (a pretty variegated coral & white), and then the next day it was gone and the stem nibbled off to about 8inches high. :( But I did find a lot more when I was weeding out there on Friday. Maybe they'll bloom before the deer/bunnies find them.

The peonies and irises are blooming madly, and the shasta daisies we got from the neighbor a decade ago have diversified into a gradient from white to bright pink. The blue columbine in the front flowerbed has a few buds on it, so it survived getting whacked by a few shingles. There's an entire collection of Sweet William in the wildflower bed - ranging from magenta & white to pale purple & white. I need to weed and thin that section. And move some irises this summer.

There are a few strawberries in the strawberry bed, which I find pretty impressive, because this variety of strawberry stops reliably producing after 2 or 3 years, and this bed is older than that.
well, that was a lost week. CB brought a cold to rehearsal a couple of weeks ago, and gave me some of the germs. :(

Saturday was OneAct Regionals (competitive theater), hosted at CHS. DB got offered an emcee job, rather than the backstage/sound he was expecting(*). I emailed early in the week, asking if KA (who was running the site) needed any help, and zie did -- zie needed a non-Theater Guild/Theater Booster adult to tabulate scores. KA couldn't do it, as zie had a team in the competition, and it looks sketchy to have a parent do it. KA said zie was wracking her brain trying to figure something out until I emailed. (MSBOA gets around this by supplying a tabulator, but MIFA either hasn't thought of that or doesn't have the money.) It was a pretty easy gig -- show up around noon, tabulate four flights of scores and awards, then go home. I snuck out during a show, and came home to get some actual food for KA, my reading glasses, and to feed the fish.

KA is vegetarian, and whoever set up the volunteer/worker menu either neglected to request vegetarian food, or whoever was supposed to bring it didn't, so zie was eating plain bagels and popcorn. I was a little annoyed that there wasn't any food for zir -- it's not a secret or new (KA's been at CHS for four years now), and it's really a bad idea to let the site boss get hungry. I had a bowl of rice/beans/corn in the fridge, and another bowl of green salad, which solved the problem of a hungry KA very well.

After making MIFA change the rules a couple of years ago, CHS is going to State competition! (They really should have gone a couple of years ago, but didn't make it out of Regionals, and the other teams at Regionals raised a stink about *that*, hence the rules change.) It's been 10 years since a CHS team made it to State, so that's very exciting.

I'd go and see them at State (didn't get to see them at Regionals because the room was small and I got there late), but it's next weekend, and I'm planning on being at Capricon. It's one thing to miss Capricon because I've got a kid in competition....

DB may or may not come to Chicago -- he's contemplating going to State and seeing the other shows. (State is in Charlotte, which is the closest it's been other than when Chelsea hosts.)

* he says he just does his impression of jebra as "Mr FCB Announcer Guy"; his boss says that he's got lots of people to run sound, but only a couple who can emcee OneAct, and with two stage tracks running.....
- we got new music on Monday. Four pieces, of the 'old warhorse'/standard of the repertoire variety (thus, not easy) and my kids played three of them in high school (iirc, SR read the other a few times but never performed it). Other people were talking about how this is the kind of music they didn't see until college.

- we got four inches of snow on Monday night. Then it all melted by Wednesday morning, because of rain and wind and 40+F temperatures. The power went out for six hours or so, due to wind damage (branch on a line somewhere). whee -- we lost a couple of fish because of it. And then it got cold again -- it was 24F when I went out to feed the birds this morning.

- I got the holiday cards done on Epiphany, but didn't get them in the mail until Saturday. Ooops. The tree got decorated sometime before Christmas (I even got the ornament boxes out of the living room!), and we took the ornaments off on Saturday. The tree itself is still looming in the living room. The bag is there, too. But Robotics season has started, and J is getting home at 9pm....
Another Christmas done. Christmas Eve service was candles and congregational carols with just an anthem (One Small Child) by the choir. The church was almost entirely full for both services, but we didn't need the overflow space. Which was good, because it wasn't really set up. There were a surprising number of people at service on Christmas Day.

Tuesday we went to lunch with Nana, and did Xmas with her. She has a favorite restaurant in Saline, so we went there -- J is back to work because release is approaching quickly, and the new building is practically in Saline.

The snow is just about all melted -- there are still piles where it got shoveled/plowed to, and the field where the woods shade it is still snowcovered.

A number of DB's friends got inexpensive drones for Xmas, and he seemed a little bummed that he didn't, until I said "we don't buy you toys anymore. If we're going to buy a drone, it's going to be a decent one." And, tbh, given a choice between good boots (leather wellington/harness style) and a drone, the boots win every time.

(huh. another weirdity with LJ today - can't change the userpic. ah well.)
And the tree is up but still not decorated, other than some candycanes from a box of minis -- I put some in SR's Xmas box. At least the box of ornaments is upstairs. Maybe we'll get to it tonight. OTOH, I have no idea how many packages are going to be under the tree -- I have one "thing" for DB and a 'gift card' for a shopping trip for funky boots, and a couple of things for J; but SR's have been sent off (not a lot of 'things', either, as anything she gets will have to come home again, so it's mostly baked goods and US candy to share with other expats).

I haven't started the holiday letter yet, but that won't take long to do. Cards will, as usual, go out after Christmas. Even without the kids-in-school schedule, early-to-mid December is still full of rehearsals and performances. The FCB holiday concert was Sunday, and seemed well-received although Damien is expecting to 'hear about' leaving out Sleigh Ride. We finished with a different Leroy Anderson Xmas piece, so we didn't completely ignore tradition. There was some agitating in the back row to play Sleigh Ride anyway, and see how many people would recognise the bass line, but saner heads prevailed (not me, in either case!). Friday's stage rehearsal went well, but the drive home was fraught -- it took me 90 minutes to get home!

It was a good thing that I didn't bother to go to the Chippewa's bowl game. They got their behinds handed to them. :O And it was in a baseball stadium, which is not the best place to watch a football game. OTOH, it was Florida in December, and the band got a trip out of it that wasn't over Christmas.


Dec. 14th, 2016 08:23 pm
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Stunning development, I know. It's Michigan, it's mid-December. Snow happens. However, this fall/winter has been fairly warm and almost entirely snowfree until Sunday; and then J & I shoveled 9" at 6pm and we got another 3" overnight. Snow days all around on Monday. So the FCB concert next Sunday will be even less rehearsed than usual. OTOH, it's not supposed to snow very much between now and then, so we may have a decent audience.

Saturday was busy -- a funeral meal to host in the late afternoon and a keyboard dedication concert in the evening. I had time to come home and change in between!

DB is done with working The Nutcracker at the HS auditorium, but now he's working a church Christmas pageant at the old HS auditorium -- they have crew that does most of the sound work, but they need someone (with keys) to open the building and turn on the house and run the stage lights.

I had been vaguely contemplating going to the Chippewas bowl game, and then they got invited to the Miami Beach Bowl. That would be a fun game to go to, but the timing is horrid. The game is Monday afternoon, and I have a concert Sunday afternoon & rehearsal Monday evening. While I could skip rehearsal (although that's kind of a bad idea, as we'll be getting new music), getting in at 2am for a 2:30pm game is not my idea of fun.

There is at least one hawk hunting the backyard. There may be two, as J saw one this afternoon that seemed smaller than the one we'd seen in the morning. This probably explains why the birdseed in the feeders isn't going down as fast as it often does.
lotsa no counting. Wednesday night (Day 2), the bossperson called & emailed everyone to tell us that the recount was "suspended until further notice". Which, schedule-wise, is nearly as bad as "show up and count until there are no more to count" -- still no long-term planning.

This afternoon (Day 4), we got an email from the County Director of Elections telling us to 'stand down' -- he doesn't expect us to be called back in, but "it could happen".

I was able to get errands run yesterday and today, so there's that. I should probably bake something for the funeral meal tomorrow. I really don't want to work it, but I may wind up doing so because people 'have other things to do' [like hang out (at home) with grandkids they see *every* *weekend* -- look, if you're not willing to make time to host when no-one else can, please don't take a position where 'provide host for funeral meal' is part of the flipping job description! grumble.]
The cranes are still hanging around in the backyard. They're usually pretty quiet (not much to worry about if you're a 3.5 foot tall bird), but today they were answering the civil alert siren test.

I have mostly finished cutting back things in the garden -- the larger daisies still need to be done, as does the blanket flower, but leaving them uncut all winter doesn't do them any harm, it just looks ragged.

The tree is up but undecorated. We may get to it next weekend, we may not. DB will be working a show Fri & Sat, and I may be working the recount. That depends on the outcome of the suit filed against the recount petition. If it's on, I go in at 8am Wed and we work 10 hour days until the count is done. Including weekends, because we need to be done by 14 Dec. Training is Monday afternoon, and we find out then whether we're actually doing the count.

My back has been being variably cranky for the last month -- I think it will get better if the weather ever stabilises.
(the one I detailed a few months ago), albeit with a few modifications. The upholstered recliner is still downstairs, and will be moved upstairs after Christmas (the accent chair from the living room is in the den, rather than in the library at the top of the stairs where it usually goes for the holiday season). The mattress is actually under the futon, although that required J building risers (even a cheap mattress is 7.5 inches deep, and the base angle of the futon-as-sofa is 4.5).

The dresser from the nook went off to Goodwill -- it was SR's college apartment dresser, and then KM used it for a while, but we really have no need of it anymore. When DB goes off to an apartment, he'll either be moving out (taking his current set) or we'll buy him another dresser. It's not worth trying to store it somewhere.

I had a pretty shelf unit that I picked up at IKEA a couple of years ago, because I liked it and it wasn't clear how long they'd be making it. It's been sitting in the basement, still boxed, ever since, but now it's in the den, replacing a smaller unit that was crammed full. It looks much better, and I've even gotten a few more things out of boxes (from a few years ago when we redid the bookshelves upstairs, not from when we moved!).

We bought a Xmas wreath (from the Scouts) on Saturday because we were out anyway and remembered -- we don't usually get into town on the weekend, so I figured we should do it while we could. The wreaths are good for a couple of months, so putting it up now rather than mid-December shouldn't make any difference.

On Sunday, I played at church, and then came home and cut back perennials. The bleeding hearts are cut back, as are the peonies and the goldenrod. I left the dead nettle and the painted nettle because they're still green! The daisy stems should be cut back too, but I'd already filled the garden cart twice, and it's supposed to dry out again on Tuesday afternoon. I brought the garden decor in, other than the gate, which may or may not get into the garage -- it'd be fine outside, so it just may stay out.

The hawk has been lurking in the garden this morning. He looks wind-ruffled and damp. But he's still alert enough to sense me moving around in the house, so I haven't gotten a picture. :(


Nov. 17th, 2016 08:07 pm
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So that happened. But life goes on. (I suspect it helped that I was locked away until 11pm, and then I came home and went to bed without turning radio/TV/internet on.)

Last weekend, J and I ran off to Chicago for WindyCon; where I saw people I don't see often enough (which is unlikely to change, unless we move, and then it will be a different set of people we don't see often enough).

In band news, I have had to transcribe yet another BariSax part, this time from the score. mutter.

We still have not had a night cold enough that there's been ice on the pond -- there've been a couple of days when I've had to break ice out of the birdbath, but not enough to even warrant getting out the heated birdbath. I spent an hour pulling grass and cutting back the Russian Sage in the northwest flowerbed in preparation for the snow we may or may not get. (If I leave it up, we get a lovely drift across the end of the driveway; if I cut it back, the drift is less than halfway across the driveway.) They tell us we may have snow this weekend. We shall see. The larkspur plants that are blooming will be dismayed by snow, but everything else seems to be settling in for chilly weather.

Thanksgiving is next week. I have no idea what we're going to have for dinner. DB says ham, so I guess that's what we'll do. It will be SR's birthday on Thursday, and I haven't gotten her care package in the mail yet, so it will not be there in time. BadMom moment. I have gotten her presents, though (most will not be sent to her because she'd have to bring them back). so there's that.


Oct. 24th, 2016 09:52 am
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Yanno, it's one thing to contemplate a 12 hour drive, and another to do it twice in three days. Mum & I went to Boone on Wednesday -- she's not made that drive in a few years, and we used a different route than she used to, so it was a longer (but easier!) drive than she expected (421 is at least 4 lanes, and sometimes 5, all the way from I-77 to Boone). We got there 12 1/2 hours after she left her apartment. I still remember where the road up the mountain is, although it's a bit harder to spot, tucked between two motel parking lots on 105. I spent a day futsing around - read a bit, knitted a bit, chatted with the ladies -- before leaving Friday morning. I got home 12 hours after I left, 680 miles in a car that's not mine. It rained all the way up I-77, and didn't stop until I turned east at Cleveland. It's the only time I've been through Charleston and the capitol dome wasn't glowing in the light. :)

Still haven't actually started sewing the jacket for next Sunday's costume. OTOH, I know which jacket and which fabric, what I need to do to revise the skirt, and both J and DB will be gone Fri & Sat (J is off with the HS Robotics team, and DB will be off visiting friends whom he won't see at WindyCon). I should get it done early in the week, though, because the weather forecast indicates that Fri/Sat would be the best days for working in the garden this week.

In timefail news, DB had been vaguely planning to attend WindyCon - he had set up a swap for his Sunday A/V job, and had been offered a volunteer gig in the teen room -- and then the director of the fall musical (show dates Nov 11-13) emailed him and said "help! we have nobody backstage full time for the show". So he said yes to her and sent regrets to D.
There was a skin of ice on the birdbath this morning, although the pond was unfrozen. I brought in the hummingbird feeders, as I haven't seen a hummingbird in two or three weeks. The farmer came through to harvest the soybeans in the field early this week, and since then has been through with a disk and a spray rig that I've seen -- he probably came through with a planting rig while I was gone one day, planting winter wheat or rye. I won't know which until it comes up.

There was a last flush of blooms on the hardy hibiscus in the east garden -- some of the stems that came up very early this summer set buds in mid-September, and a few bloomed before the frost got them. I spent about 90 minutes out in that garden, pulling grass and weeds, and there's probably that much more work out there. I still have to finish the NE garden, but between the ants and whatever weed I'm allergic to out there, I'm a bit leery of it right now. I'll wait for the next frost.

I've been going in to file books in the K-2 library. Thursday I spent 3 hours there, and could probably do that every day if I wanted to.

I have gotten as far as pondering a costume. I really need to get started on that -- I'm going to be gone much of next week, as Mum and I are heading south on Wednesday (I'm going as far as western NC and driving back, she'll be going on to FL with her sister, then flying back to MI).

Natter, again.

Oct. 5th, 2016 12:46 pm
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I reprised my role as music librarian on Monday, and missed about 20 minutes of rehearsal digging through the files looking for tuba parts for the Tuba Cavalry (SB was sitting in because all the regular tuba players were not going to be at rehearsal, but because they were last-minute no-shows their music was not in the building). OTOH, I found the proper tuba & barisax parts for Semper Fi, and a proper BSax part for another piece, and a complete second page for Victors, so it was time well spent. And now the 4th tuba folder (currently unused, but we're expecting AW back after football) is complete.

In football-that-I-sort-of-follow, CHS is undefeated on the season. No performance hangover from making it to the State Final last year, apparently. CMU is playing poorly, after starting off the season reasonably well -- Coach made a comment that he'd rather be doing chemo than lose like they did in the rivalry game last Saturday (and he knows chemo, having been finishing it off during the season last year). SR was streaming the game, and said it was horrible. (I was watching the Tigers game, which was better played but the results were the same -- a devastating loss.)

DB and I counted 14 frogs yesterday, and then we moved, and three frogs that we hadn't counted jumped into the pond. And then we noticed a Big Frog in the rill. So the frog count is now 18. Whee!

I've spent the last three days pulling weeds in the NE garden, and I think there's still a day's worth of work out there, maybe more. There's a poke-y weed out there that I'm mildly allergic to, so I have a lovely arrangement of itchy things on the inside of my right arm, where the long sleeves ride up as I reach for weeds. Should dig out the shirt with extralong sleeves & thumbholes before doing more weeding.....

Tomorrow I need to ponder - with fabric in front of me - a Halloween costume for the concert. Currently, I'm thinking I'll add skirt hikes and a ruffled petticoat to the taffeta skirt from last year, and a longer jacket, and go more steampunk than it was last year. The other thought is to build a new pirate-y jacket (I was never happy with the old one, and finally put it in the rummage a couple of years ago). The theme this year is "Area 51", so I could go in that direction, but that will require perusal of my pattern stash to see what I have in the way of space-themes (the music selection is skewing heavily toward space movies - quelle surprise).
Um, yeah. So it's been two weeks since I posted. How does that happen?

The history-thing went pretty well. PH and I played a couple of residents of the area, chatting about things going on at the Grange. Got laughs in the appropriate places, got positive comments on the costume. I never did hem the blouse, so I need to do that, and move the ends of the drawstring. In related news, I now have a straw boater hat and a brown "leather" framed satchel.

FCB is going well -- first gig was yesterday, at Franklin Cider Mill. Really nice weather for it, if a bit bright (lots of side glare). I am not sure if today's headache is glare, sleep, or hydration related. J came to the concert -- the first time he's done that. Tonight we start working on more repertoire for the Halloween concert, some of which will be played on Oct 9 at the MSU Tollgate facility in Novi.

Last Wednesday was the Chelsea Marching Band Exhibition (or Expedition, or Expo, depending on who you're talking to). It was not so nice -- warm and sticky and still. Had a couple of band kids drop (a first!), but no one on the field; neither was in perfect health at the beginning of the day -- one was coming off a cold, another had injured an arm the day before and a full performance on trumpet totally wiped her out.
Roper posted about his game of furniture tetris, which reminded me of our next match. (to be accomplished RSN, but I need to finish an Edwardian skirt & jacket costume* first, and get either J or DB to help).

  1. shift the storage boxes away from the basement wall about 8 inches

  2. move the cheap mattress and bunkboard from the bed in the upstairs nook into the newly cleared spot; shift the boxes back up against them

  3. disassemble the bed and put it in the garage attic

  4. move the futon from the den up into the nook

  5. move the recliner from the basement into the den

  6. move the printer & its stand from the master bedroom into the den

Eventually, the plan is to be able to open the closet door in the den all the way, and make both the bedroom and the den feel less crowded. With SR gone, we can use her room as a guest bedroom, and the futon in the nook will be the extra guest bed it is now, but in a less central area of the house. (the basement is clean and dry and fully habitable (if a bit chilly), and is thus a safe place to store a mattress)

* Last Thursday, I got a call from the lead cat-herder for the historical cemetery walk -- one of the ladies had backed out, could I fill in? Sure. And then I realised that my Victorian peridot taffeta skirt would be a bit too fancy for a 1901 midwestern farmer's wife on market day. I have a skirt & jacket pattern, and the fabric (and a couple of white blouses in my closet that will work). I just need to put them together. But yesterday was picture day for the church directory, and J was doing pictures and I was doing data entry, which pretty much killed the day. Today I'm working on layout for a newsletter, and there's FCB rehearsal tonight.
and, just to be contrary, there's an Easter Lily blooming in the side garden. It's the one that DB brought home from work at Easter. I planted it, as one does, and watered it when I watered the rest of that garden. The main stems died back in June, because it had been forced into bloom early and was thus done early. Apparently, another stem grew (tucked under the peony and larkspur in that area of the garden), and I didn't notice it because it was just another shade of green. I was wandering through the garden after a week or so of not (working on other gardens, out of town), and saw something that I thought was a milkweed pod that had burst, but it wasn't quite the right color, and then I got close enough to actually see what it was. We'll have to see if it blooms again in the spring, or if it's going to be an autumn lily.

The bitty frogs are getting bigger and a bit braver, so it's easier to count them -- they don't sproing for the pond as soon as you get close. One day last week, some animal fell into the pond -- we think it was probably a dog -- the pond grass is all knocked over in one section, and the frogs were really skittish for a couple of days.

The Indigo Rose tomato that I planted has ripe tomatoes on it, finally. They look better than they taste -- not that they taste bad, there's just not a lot of flavor there. The other tomato plants are also bearing, although the yellow cherry has a lot of split fruit on it because of the wildly varying levels of rain we've been getting.

Last weekend, J and I ran off to Cheboygan and Mackinaw City to do the BridgeWalk with friends ([livejournal.com profile] jebra and others). We couldn't really do it when the kids were in school, because they had to be in school on Monday, and were usually busy over the weekend anyway. It was a fun trip. We went up Saturday, and Sunday we spent touristing around Mackinaw City -- the icebreaker museum was open, so that was our afternoon sorted. Then it was up at 4:15 to eat first breakfast and drive to Mackinaw for another round of breakfast before we caught a bus over to St Ignace to be there at 7am when the first walkers went off. We finished sometime before 9am, and got our BridgeWalk certificates (#3314). Then we went back to the state park and struck camp, and then to the bridgewalk in Cheboygan, followed by another breakfast and then home. It was fun, I expect we'll do it again.
The cranes are still hanging around in the backyard, although there's now an adolescent and an adult, rather than the pair of adults we had earlier -- one is considerably smaller than the other. One of them got spooked this morning while I was in the kitchen and crashed through the birch tree on its way up.

There was a flock of turkeys in the yard this morning when I went out to pick tomatoes -- two or three adults, three larger-but-not-full-grown chicks, and a mass of poults (scrambling too fast for the field to be counted, but at least ten).

The frog count has settled out at "lots". :) DB and I got to 15 on Sunday evening before one spooked and 'bloop'ed which led to a bunch more doing the same.

The funeral meal went well, other than underestimating the number of people by 25% or so. We'd guessed at 70, and fed 90+ (there were 150 in the church for the service, but many had not planned on staying for the meal after -- good thing, because we don't have that many tables and chairs, even if we set up outside). We nearly ran out of meat and cheese, did run out of the fruit tray, had to send out for more tomatoes, but nobody went away hungry. I grabbed the wrong pair of shoes and wound up with a blister on my heel. I guess I'm wearing sandals for the rest of the week.
Last week, Esme and I trundled off to Adult Band Camp at Interlochen. As usual, it was a heck of a lot of fun. Very hot at the beginning of the week, and I was way down in the hotel at the other end of campus -- walked a few miles a day, much of it with Esme in tow. There were more sax players than ever, so they put together two quartets. And then the bass clarinet player didn't show, so the other barisax player swapped over to that, which meant that there were two quartets and only one barisax. So I got to learn the bass line for *two* sax quartets in four days. yeah, my hand still hurts a little -- mostly when I'm typing, so I'm going to be quiet for a while. The octave key is bent again (it actually broke a few years ago, and I think the braze cracked), so I get to take Esme back to the shop and hope that the new guy can do a more permanent fix on it.

I got an extra bonus brake job, too. Whee. One of the rear calipers on my car seized up sometime between Lansing and Interlochen, so I found a local shop (referral from the front desk clerk), and got that fixed so I could drive home safely.

I came home Monday, and Ji kept an eye on me for the rest of the day. Not actually watching me, as that would be far too unfeline, but lurking about in whichever room I was in, facing me. Then he slept on my feet Monday night and everything's back to normal.

The weeds took off while I was gone. Something about three or four inches of rain, with another couple on Monday night.... DB kept the birds, fish, and cats fed and watered.

And now it's back into the swing of things, with a funeral meal to host on Saturday.


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