(I know, I missed Day 1. DB was on my computer when I got home, and he went to bed after I did.)

Our township clerk asked about half of her "usuals" if we'd be willing/available to do the recount. Five of us said yes. We started yesterday morning, and will go until all the ballots are either hand-counted or the precinct is declared "un-recountable" (due either to improper seals or incorrect pollbooks). I'm working with a random-guy-off-the-street who called his township clerk and asked if he could help count. He's quite competent, if unfamiliar with some of the voting floor procedures, but since there are very few people there who've done any sort of recount, he's not too far behind; and he learns quickly. Yesterday we got out 'early' as we finished off a precinct at 4:40pm and the county people stop handing out new ones at 4pm (the average is 2.5 hours/precinct). Today we ran over, and left the building at 6:50pm. I have not been tracking all the results, but the tabulators that Washtenaw uses are good -- the only changes we've had are when people write in an invalid write-in candidate and also vote straight ticket. (MI allows for a modified straight ticket - a straight ticket vote is assumed to include president unless otherwise indicated. When handcounting, an invalid write in vote is ignored and the straight ticket vote is counted. The tabulator has no way of knowing whether it's a valid write in or not, and doesn't count the straight-ticket presidential vote).

Many election workers are taking advantage of all the observers (at least two, sometimes six) to do some civic education about how elections work, and how much work it actually is to keep track of the metadata (who voted in which precinct using which ballot) and keep both the metadata and the ballots secure and unassociated with each other.

There are things going on at church this weekend, and people keep asking me to do things. "I can't. I'm working the recount until they tell me not to." "but This" "no" "this Other Thing" "no" "What about Yet Another Thing?" "I make no promises, but I'll try to be there."

Grrr. What part of "I'm doing this thing, I don't know when it'll be done. I have to leave space for it through Saturday for sure, maybe into Sunday." is hard to understand? I'm actually on the program for a keyboard dedication concert on Saturday, and I told them "put the duet late in the program, and note that it may be a solo depending on the recount". (the concert was on the schedule before the recount, but I didn't know I was playing until after the recount was announced. yeah, it's a bit free-form.)
and I am, as usual, running a bit behind on my costuming. I will still finish it Saturday, but it may perhaps take a bit longer on Saturday to finish. Part of it is that I've been lollygagging around upstairs, mostly waiting for the cat to come in; but I've also been planning a UFO (27" paper lantern from Oriental Trading, silvery spray paint, eight feet or so of dowel, an 8" square piece of matboard, a roll of sticky tape) and transcribing another piece of music.

(The stupid BSax players in the band(s) we share a music library with keep losing their music, which means that I have to transcribe it from either the score or a tuba part; and then they go and lose *that* copy, but I have it on my hard drive so I print it out again. There are eight pieces of music in the program on Sunday, and I'm working off transcribed parts for three of them and a copied-from-the-local-HS copy for another (I think one of the others is copied from a different HS music library, too.). That's utterly ridiculous!)


Mar. 28th, 2014 04:47 pm
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It shouldn't be this hard. I'm trying to find three different (admittedly, somewhat specialty) items, but cannot find them anywhere. And no, even if Amazon has them, I don't want to spend half again as much in shipping.

I need another set of plain metal measuring cups and nobody local has them. They've got plastic or fancy $15+ metal ones nearly everywhere, but the basic Foley/American Metalcraft ones? nada. There's a restaurant supply company online that has them for <$4, but there's $6 shipping. I put a set on my Amazon wish list, and I'll add them to my next order.

I need a doll stand for a tiny doll. Can't find doll stands at all locally -- even the craft stores and the hardware store (where I got the last one) don't have them. They're $2 at the online craft stores, but it's another $6 for shipping. Amazon doesn't sell them by the each.

And doesn't anybody use plain paper for shelf liners anymore? The stores all have vinyl or padded or cork shelf liners, and wrapping paper is too shiny (and bright!). I dug around in the craft papers and found a roll of very slightly corrugated paper that should work as shelf liner for the china cabinet.

Being a geezer is hard.

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Oct. 10th, 2013 12:50 pm
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Aiigh. I hate WordPress. (The church website is now a WP site. This means it's easier for people other than J to work on it. Unfortunately, I've not been able to off-load the newsletter on anyone else, and so I spend three or four hours getting a stupid little newsletter posted to the site. It was so much easier when I could just do it in an html editor, but WP doesn't do that. I can't build it in an editor and import it either -- I tried that once, and it's easier to do it from scratch in the WP editor.) Mutter. Now I have a nasty headache.

In other news, a hawk chased a small bird into the glass door. The hawk landed on the deck rail and glared at the bird and the house before flying off. The bird was on the deck, stunned, for about 15 minutes before flying off. Ji was enthralled by the stunned bird, and wanted me to let him out. Not gonna happen, buddy.

I spent a couple of hours trimming things back in the gardens yesterday. I need to do it again today. And probably tomorrow and Saturday, too. Of course, I also have to start work on my Halloween costume and the bag for my instrument stand.

Monday evening, I went to watch DB and the HS band march at the MSBOA marching band festival. The weather was good, if a bit chilly for sitting in the stands, and the band did well. It was the best I've seen them do the show, and the judges seemed to agree, giving them a I (Superior) rating. Tuesday morning, DB and I took his concert tuba back to school. The orchestra director apparently does not need a tuba player for the October concert, so that's one less thing to worry about (he handed music out to other wind players, but not to anyone in the tuba section...).


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