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Oct. 5th, 2016 12:46 pm
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I reprised my role as music librarian on Monday, and missed about 20 minutes of rehearsal digging through the files looking for tuba parts for the Tuba Cavalry (SB was sitting in because all the regular tuba players were not going to be at rehearsal, but because they were last-minute no-shows their music was not in the building). OTOH, I found the proper tuba & barisax parts for Semper Fi, and a proper BSax part for another piece, and a complete second page for Victors, so it was time well spent. And now the 4th tuba folder (currently unused, but we're expecting AW back after football) is complete.

In football-that-I-sort-of-follow, CHS is undefeated on the season. No performance hangover from making it to the State Final last year, apparently. CMU is playing poorly, after starting off the season reasonably well -- Coach made a comment that he'd rather be doing chemo than lose like they did in the rivalry game last Saturday (and he knows chemo, having been finishing it off during the season last year). SR was streaming the game, and said it was horrible. (I was watching the Tigers game, which was better played but the results were the same -- a devastating loss.)

DB and I counted 14 frogs yesterday, and then we moved, and three frogs that we hadn't counted jumped into the pond. And then we noticed a Big Frog in the rill. So the frog count is now 18. Whee!

I've spent the last three days pulling weeds in the NE garden, and I think there's still a day's worth of work out there, maybe more. There's a poke-y weed out there that I'm mildly allergic to, so I have a lovely arrangement of itchy things on the inside of my right arm, where the long sleeves ride up as I reach for weeds. Should dig out the shirt with extralong sleeves & thumbholes before doing more weeding.....

Tomorrow I need to ponder - with fabric in front of me - a Halloween costume for the concert. Currently, I'm thinking I'll add skirt hikes and a ruffled petticoat to the taffeta skirt from last year, and a longer jacket, and go more steampunk than it was last year. The other thought is to build a new pirate-y jacket (I was never happy with the old one, and finally put it in the rummage a couple of years ago). The theme this year is "Area 51", so I could go in that direction, but that will require perusal of my pattern stash to see what I have in the way of space-themes (the music selection is skewing heavily toward space movies - quelle surprise).
and, just to be contrary, there's an Easter Lily blooming in the side garden. It's the one that DB brought home from work at Easter. I planted it, as one does, and watered it when I watered the rest of that garden. The main stems died back in June, because it had been forced into bloom early and was thus done early. Apparently, another stem grew (tucked under the peony and larkspur in that area of the garden), and I didn't notice it because it was just another shade of green. I was wandering through the garden after a week or so of not (working on other gardens, out of town), and saw something that I thought was a milkweed pod that had burst, but it wasn't quite the right color, and then I got close enough to actually see what it was. We'll have to see if it blooms again in the spring, or if it's going to be an autumn lily.

The bitty frogs are getting bigger and a bit braver, so it's easier to count them -- they don't sproing for the pond as soon as you get close. One day last week, some animal fell into the pond -- we think it was probably a dog -- the pond grass is all knocked over in one section, and the frogs were really skittish for a couple of days.

The Indigo Rose tomato that I planted has ripe tomatoes on it, finally. They look better than they taste -- not that they taste bad, there's just not a lot of flavor there. The other tomato plants are also bearing, although the yellow cherry has a lot of split fruit on it because of the wildly varying levels of rain we've been getting.

Last weekend, J and I ran off to Cheboygan and Mackinaw City to do the BridgeWalk with friends ([ profile] jebra and others). We couldn't really do it when the kids were in school, because they had to be in school on Monday, and were usually busy over the weekend anyway. It was a fun trip. We went up Saturday, and Sunday we spent touristing around Mackinaw City -- the icebreaker museum was open, so that was our afternoon sorted. Then it was up at 4:15 to eat first breakfast and drive to Mackinaw for another round of breakfast before we caught a bus over to St Ignace to be there at 7am when the first walkers went off. We finished sometime before 9am, and got our BridgeWalk certificates (#3314). Then we went back to the state park and struck camp, and then to the bridgewalk in Cheboygan, followed by another breakfast and then home. It was fun, I expect we'll do it again.
Yesterday, SR and I went back to the lumberyard with actual measurements(!) and made some final choices (countertop, cabinet finish, doors). Now we wait for that quote to come back. Also yesterday, I got everything off the walls-that-will-be-grey and washed them down. Today, I tape and spackle -- there's a lot of that to be done, so I don't think I'll get to the actual painting until tomorrow.

We still need to get knobs/handles for the cabinet, but that will wait until we get it in the house, because we'll probably wind up replacing *all* of the hardware in the kitchen.

The layout job is "done" -- as in, I laid out all the content I had. It's sparse, but I don't write the content (it's reports from committee chairs...). (In a "reading is hard" moment, I sent out a reminder to the chairs that I needed their articles for the newsletter, and I got a note back from one of them "have you sent the newsletter yet? because I haven't gotten it." Oy)

The counting of the froggies is 11. There is a lady Baltimore Oriole hanging around the yard. There were at least two hawks screeing at each other yesterday. The bluejays were squawking back.


Apr. 16th, 2012 03:08 pm
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So the weather got decent enough that I could go pull weeds. So I did. So the flowerbeds look much better, although there's still one or two I need to get to.

Unfortunately, it's not gonna happen today. And maybe not tomorrow, either. I hate back spasms. I think I'll settle for getting the laundry done. And making dinner. And going to rehearsal.

The "frogs" are carrying on. At last count (which was yesterday evening) there were 16 in and around the pond. (I say "frogs" because there's treefrogs and toads and proper frogs out there, and they're hard to tell apart when all you can see is eyes (and maybe a nose) or moving blobs as they dive for cover.)


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