(I know, I missed Day 1. DB was on my computer when I got home, and he went to bed after I did.)

Our township clerk asked about half of her "usuals" if we'd be willing/available to do the recount. Five of us said yes. We started yesterday morning, and will go until all the ballots are either hand-counted or the precinct is declared "un-recountable" (due either to improper seals or incorrect pollbooks). I'm working with a random-guy-off-the-street who called his township clerk and asked if he could help count. He's quite competent, if unfamiliar with some of the voting floor procedures, but since there are very few people there who've done any sort of recount, he's not too far behind; and he learns quickly. Yesterday we got out 'early' as we finished off a precinct at 4:40pm and the county people stop handing out new ones at 4pm (the average is 2.5 hours/precinct). Today we ran over, and left the building at 6:50pm. I have not been tracking all the results, but the tabulators that Washtenaw uses are good -- the only changes we've had are when people write in an invalid write-in candidate and also vote straight ticket. (MI allows for a modified straight ticket - a straight ticket vote is assumed to include president unless otherwise indicated. When handcounting, an invalid write in vote is ignored and the straight ticket vote is counted. The tabulator has no way of knowing whether it's a valid write in or not, and doesn't count the straight-ticket presidential vote).

Many election workers are taking advantage of all the observers (at least two, sometimes six) to do some civic education about how elections work, and how much work it actually is to keep track of the metadata (who voted in which precinct using which ballot) and keep both the metadata and the ballots secure and unassociated with each other.

There are things going on at church this weekend, and people keep asking me to do things. "I can't. I'm working the recount until they tell me not to." "but This" "no" "this Other Thing" "no" "What about Yet Another Thing?" "I make no promises, but I'll try to be there."

Grrr. What part of "I'm doing this thing, I don't know when it'll be done. I have to leave space for it through Saturday for sure, maybe into Sunday." is hard to understand? I'm actually on the program for a keyboard dedication concert on Saturday, and I told them "put the duet late in the program, and note that it may be a solo depending on the recount". (the concert was on the schedule before the recount, but I didn't know I was playing until after the recount was announced. yeah, it's a bit free-form.)
..that no matter how comfortable a given pair of shoes is, when one wears them for 18 hours they are likely to hurt one's feet.

I left the house at 5:45am to go work an election and didn't get home until 11:30pm. We came nowhere near to running out of any ballot, even though we had a 45% turnout. (It was probably somewhat higher than that, actually, as the clerk figures that 10% of the registered voters don't actually live in the precinct anymore.)
16 hours start to finish. We had just over 800 in-person voters come through, and the Absentee board ran another 370+ ballots, which is a reasonable turnout for a precinct of just over 2000. I was home around 10:30. (At least I don't have to take the physical stuff down to county -- the clerk and deputy who do figured they'd get home about midnight.) We'd filed our results by 8:30pm, and then there was a lot of documentation and sealing/sorting of said documentation to be done. Rumor has it that there may be more audits than usual (a lot of close races), so we were more diligent with documentation and storage than usual. I got to be competent and charming. whee. And I discovered that using a mouse really does make my hand hurt. Good thing I use a trackball at home.

DB's last Fall Echoes concert was Monday night. The HS band is loud. And, in a stunning development, they sound better when they can hear each other and it's not 33F and snowing. (I know you're as amazed by this as I am.) snerk.

Due to the above-mentioned concert, I missed FCB rehearsal. My music did not, but apparently there was much discussion about it. I expect I'll find out more next week, when I actually get to rehearsal.
Saturday's party went well. A lot of people we invited weren't able to make it, but we still had fun. (It was up against PenguiCon and the Ladies Spring Tea + Memorial Service at church -- with me unavailable to host the bereavement meal, somebody else had to do it...) the house is almost back to normal -- I still have to clear up a few piles in the basement, and there's still a stack of coat hangers I need to take back to church.

Monday J had LASIK, so I spent my morning/early afternoon driving to Fraser and back. Tuesday I worked the school election in the next district over. Today, I hope to get the last of the stuff put away from the party....

Things are greening up nicely in the gardens. Finally! And today it's raining. Quite hard at times. Annabelle did not approve of the big thunderclaps. She's lurking in the basement (she used to come 'protect' me from them, so I'm not sure if this is an improvement or not).

We saw an indigo bunting at the feeders over the weekend.


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