I *still* haven't gotten the holiday cards sent out. I picked the pictures up and had the letter written on Monday after Christmas, and the cards have been addressed since Thursday, but didn't print the letter, mostly due to not wanting to ruin what was left of my holiday by muttering at the printer. And I was right. I've been trying to print the letter, and every single page I've done has a smear or a blot of ink on it. I think I'll wait for SR to get up and we'll dig out her printer and use that. (I have until tomorrow before they're late going out, right?)

I hosted a funeral meal on Saturday. Whee. I just lurves them. Nobody directly from the church, but a community member and a relative of the recently retired pastor. We really need to write down the policies for funeral meals at church. We do them so infrequently (and I think the last three have had been hosted by three different people), that we forget what decisions we've reached about charging for the consumables (plates, cups, 'silver', coffee, lemonade) that we don't buy specifically for the event because they're always stocked, but do need to be replenished. Yesterday was the unhanging of the greens, and J and I stayed to help. We don't always, but there were a lot of people not there due to weather, and it does go faster with more people. In theory, it's a good idea, but my back was cranky anyway (also due to the weather, I think) and all that lifting and carrying was perhaps not the best choice I could have made. (I've been doing a lot of lifting & moving of things, as the kids and I went over to the church on Friday to set the hall up for the meal.) I also brought home the cardboard boxes of candles for Christmas Eve services so I can put them into plastic boxes -- mouse nibbled candles are not what you want to be handing out.... The cats were enthralled by the boxes, as you might expect.

Between the roads and my back, yesterday afternoon was a good day to stay home, so I did. It was perhaps not the best choice, as I had to scramble for sandwich meat for DB's lunch this morning. Erm. Oooops? So I guess I'm going to the market this afternoon (ideally, after dropping the cards in the box at the PO).


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