Last week, Esme and I trundled off to Adult Band Camp at Interlochen. As usual, it was a heck of a lot of fun. Very hot at the beginning of the week, and I was way down in the hotel at the other end of campus -- walked a few miles a day, much of it with Esme in tow. There were more sax players than ever, so they put together two quartets. And then the bass clarinet player didn't show, so the other barisax player swapped over to that, which meant that there were two quartets and only one barisax. So I got to learn the bass line for *two* sax quartets in four days. yeah, my hand still hurts a little -- mostly when I'm typing, so I'm going to be quiet for a while. The octave key is bent again (it actually broke a few years ago, and I think the braze cracked), so I get to take Esme back to the shop and hope that the new guy can do a more permanent fix on it.

I got an extra bonus brake job, too. Whee. One of the rear calipers on my car seized up sometime between Lansing and Interlochen, so I found a local shop (referral from the front desk clerk), and got that fixed so I could drive home safely.

I came home Monday, and Ji kept an eye on me for the rest of the day. Not actually watching me, as that would be far too unfeline, but lurking about in whichever room I was in, facing me. Then he slept on my feet Monday night and everything's back to normal.

The weeds took off while I was gone. Something about three or four inches of rain, with another couple on Monday night.... DB kept the birds, fish, and cats fed and watered.

And now it's back into the swing of things, with a funeral meal to host on Saturday.

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Oct. 13th, 2014 02:35 pm
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HS football is again wreaking havoc upon schedules -- it's beginning to look as though my Halloween will be spent at the football field, as the football team is quite likely to make the playoffs (and very likely at home for the first round). I'd worry about WindyCon, but we're already not going. If there is a football game that Friday, DB won't be at it. Nor will the trombone soloist, a couple of clarinet players, two trumpets, three flutes, a sax, three members of the color guard, and whoever is in the pit orchestra for the fall musical.

Lovely warmish rainy day today. I do have the back door open, and there is a cat sulking at it "turn the water from the sky off, hoomin." He 'hunted' an IKEA mouse Saturday night, so I guess it's getting to be winter. Annabelle had an 'adventure' Saturday evening -- I had come upstairs to ask the kids something, and glanced over at the front door and realised that she was on the outside of the front door. So she got to figure out glass-door-that-doesn't-slide, and we tried to figure out when she'd gotten out. We think she snuck out when J came in, as she often lurks by the side door waiting for her chance, and he doesn't always look for her.

Weeded the strawberry patch on Saturday, and cut back the bleeding hearts. I also managed to pitch my preferred garden shears into the weedpile through the simple expedient of forgetting that they were on the tool rack until after I dumped the cart, so I'll need to go digging through that tomorrow, after the rain stops. whee.
However, I don't think it's rained much (if any) since my last post. So I've been watering things. The tomatoes got a good long soak yesterday, but today's rain only got a fraction of an inch down, so it's probably a good thing. There are lots of little green tomatoes on all the plants, so I have hopes of actually getting some tomatoes this year. The hardy hibiscus is really blooming a lot this year -- we've gotten enough rain for it. It's been sending up new stems every year, but the new stems haven't bloomed. I should add it to the water-if-it-doesn't-rain-for-a-week list. The prairie bed is full of sage and cornflowers. And honeybees. There are bumblebees all over the sea holly. (The grower claimed it was the 'Miss Wilmot's Ghost' cultivar, but it's too blue.) There's also a second flush of yellow California poppies and some hollyhocks. J found a Red Hot Poker under a garden bench -- it had survived a few years of getting chopped off by the lawnmower -- and moved it into a spot in the garden.

DB&J are off at MakerFair at the Henry Ford -- DB is there with his FIRST robotics team (& robot), & J is there to drive and poke around.

I got a few more things put away, but I'm waiting on the cabinet for the living room. once that shows up, I can start really putting things away.

DB starts band camp on Aug 3 with a rookie orientation meeting that he needs to be at, and then there's a leadership meeting on the 4th before camp actually starts on the 5th. SR may help out if needed. The last FCB performance of the season is tomorrow, and then we get five weeks off before we start all over again in September.

Ji-kitteh caught a chipmunk yesterday, and tried to bring it into the house. He didn't quite succeed.


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