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Thursday was MSBOA Festival at the high school. I had told the director that I would be available to work if he needed me. A week and a half before the festival, he said that he did, so I signed up to supervise the auditorium in the AM. I wound up in the auditorium all day, and my job description morphed from usher to stage manager by lunchtime -- but I was still ushering. (Ushering at Festival is pretty easy, though. Close the doors when ensembles start playing, and keep people from going to find seats while ensembles are playing, because even if the doors are closed and the signs say "Performance in Progress Do Not Enter" people assume it doesn't mean them.) So that was 13 hours of on-my-feet and moving things.

Saturday, the FCB went off to Okemos for the Red Cedar Festival of Community Bands. It was a fun gig. We didn't play a lot (only three pieces), but we covered a wide swath of band/wind symphony musical history -- a classical transcription (March from Tchaikovsky's 6th Symphony), a "traditional" wind ensemble piece (Dello Joio's Variants on a Mediaeval Theme) and a contemporary piece (Mackey's Sheltering Sky). Most of the band went home after we were done, but a few stuck around to listen to other groups, and I went to a 'master class'. Didn't really learn much that was applicable to what I do, but it was interesting enough.

The sandhill cranes are somewhat averse to non-feathered two-leggers wandering into "their" territory, and holler at us every time we go into the backyard. They fluffed at DB when he went out yesterday.
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